Yiannis Papamichail uploaded a rare photo of his mother from surgery

For the first time, a photograph of Aliki Vougioklakis from the operating theater has been published. His son Yiannis Papamichael posted a touching post on Instagram.

Yiannis Papamichail, on her birthday today (04.06.2024), uploaded a photo of her beloved mother, Alikis Vougiouklakis, who underwent surgery 55 years ago. The star of Greek television gave birth to her only son with Dimitris Babamichael in 1969.

A close-up photo of the Greek actress’ face and unconsciousness was uploaded by Yiannis Papamichael, who revealed the photo was taken shortly before she gave birth by caesarean section.

“On my birthday, June 4, 1969, my mother was in the operating room just before the caesarean section,” Aliki Vugioklaki’s son wrote in his post.

The 55-year-old also shared an earlier post on the story in which he played the piano to “Lullaby” sung by Aliki Vougioklakis in the hit movie “The Fairy and the Boy.”

“You once dedicated this song to me, and now I’m playing it on the piano, you loved me so much, I hope it soothes your soul,” he wrote.

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