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Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis took the stakes of the European election ballot to the fore, concluding with his speech at the New Democracy Ballot Presentation event at the Athens Conservatory in view of the June 9 European elections.

“On June 9, ND must be strong. In the European elections, we not only vote for Greece in Europe, but also as a national ballot box that has a political impact on the domestic political situation. ND is strong. June 9, the more stable the country, the faster and bolder the big you promised us in June 2023. We can drive the changes forward,” stressed Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Earlier, the full list of ND MEP candidates was announced.

As reported by Capital.gr, the nominations included the names of Fredis Beleris and Eleonora Meletis.

Message from K. Mitsotakis

Among other things, the Prime Minister noted in his address:

– I hear a lot of people say, “I want to send a message.” I raise my voice: send a message of stability in elections. We have done all this in 9 months, imagine how much we will do in 4 years when citizens send a message of stability to the European elections on 9 June.

– On the other hand, there seems to be an obsession: for Mitsotakis to fall. It is not a political proposal, nor an alternative governance and proposal for the future of Europe

– Let's take the European elections very seriously. Banish loose votes. Telling disgruntled fellow citizens that they need to look at the bigger picture, especially at a time when things are getting so tough. Greece succeeded and established itself as a pole of stability.

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– Look at the big picture, let's rally and mobilize our people, explaining why NDA's landslide victory is so important. The European elections are the national ballot box ahead of the 2027 elections. I know how to make grease better. On the evening of June 9, we will achieve another great victory. We owe it to our ND in its 50th year.

Speech of Pyrrhus Demas

“My Peter, the father will be vindicated,” MEP candidate Piros Dimas addressed his son Fredis Beleris, drawing warm applause.

In his message, the Olympic champion said: “In a few days I became a father for the 5th time and became a candidate for the European Parliament. Thank you for your trust, I respect it. I will fight for the present and future of our children in Europe, for our brothers in Northern Epirus.

At the same time, all the current ND candidates and the candidacies of Dimitris Tsiodras, Giorgos Autias, Giorgos Mouroutis, Spyros Karanikolas, Vassilis Kontozamanis, Nonis Dounias, Sotiris Serbous and others were announced.

ND MEP candidates are as follows:

1. Apyramido Serafina

2. Angelopoulos Michael (Michalis)

3. Argondido Basilica (Vanessa)

4. Adias Georgios

5. Vezirgiannidis ionis


7. Tagis Georgios

8. Decolis Ionis

9. Dimas Pyros

10. Daunya Panagiotta (Gown)

11. Hexadatilos Athanasios

12. Zaboukas Andreas

13. Caranicolas Spyridon

14. Karachalios Theophilos

15. Katsounis Dimitrios

16. Kefalogiannis Emmanuel

17. Kontojamanis Vasilios

18. Kuri – Kallerji Olga

19. Gautsupia maria (Oreocili)

20. Cristalido Theopisti (Pisti)


22. Mimarakis Evangelos – Vasilios

23. Read Eleonora

24. Mouroudis Georgios

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25. Peleris Dionysios – Frantis

26. Plumis georgios

27. Naumis Nicolas

28. Omron Kukoupitakis Tamer Orestes

29. Barasco Andreulas (Male)

30. Patolitos paraskevi (Voula)

31. Rogdaki Anna – Maria


33. Serbian Savior

34. Sologlo Nurjan

35. Spiragi maria


37. Dracatelli Lydia – Antonia

38. Tsiotras Dimitrios

39. Tsouchantaris Athanasios

40. Flessa Vasiliki (Wiki)

41. Cristobulo Panagiotta – Neovi

42. Christofilopoulos Paraskevi (EVI)

“Experience and Renewal Ballot”

Government officials characterize the European ballot of new democracy as a ballot of “experience, but renewal”.

As pointed out, the 42 ND candidates come from all over the country, but also immigrants, from all professions and from every social class: “This is a deeply national but truly European ballot”.

According to government officials, these are people with many distinctions and life medals that they can claim for Greeks in Greece and in Brussels and Strasbourg.

“They are executives who stand up to those who denigrate their own country in the European Parliament. Under the leadership of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the ND's European ballot sends the message of “stable, close to Europe” and guarantees strong representation and stability in Brussels. Then internally”, it is emphasized.

Thanks message from Fredis Beleris

Fredis Beleris sent a message of thanks to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, where he called on every Greek man and woman to support the new democratic referendum, to support Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who is building a strong and proud Greece with determination and method.

In particular, Fredis Belleris mentions in his message:

“My dear countrymen,

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Today, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis offered me the opportunity to secure the Greek people's vote in the June 2024 European elections. I thank him for this, but above all, I thank him for the undivided support he has given me during these months. were imprisoned. The battle I wage is not personal. It is a struggle for the rule of law and democracy, whose rules must be respected by all. It is a battle for the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the West and Europe stand for and must be respected by those who want to join the larger European family. It was a battle for the most suffering and wronged part of Hellenism, Albania's Greek minority. My brothers who, after decades of oppression, want and deserve to live in freedom and peace without fear in a place where their rights, dignity and property are respected.

I urge every Greek man and woman to support the new democratic referendum and support the Prime Minister who is building a strong and proud Greece with determination and method.

Freddie Belleris”

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