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Giorgos Kouvaris (on… paper) writes very indifferently, it is only indifferently not proven on the ground, the “eternal” derby in OAKA, where Panathinaikos AKTOR “sealed” the home advantage in the play offs. Slukas expected match, victory with Huatso, Ataman's winning tricks.

If there is a gallop before the OAKA Derby among his friends Panathinaikou And his Olympiaco For the 3rd round match, I believe the majority (not to say the vast majority) will answer…they are burning for the final result.

Until we see the practicality of the matter, these answers may not be far from reality. The Panathinayakas actor And should know defeat in the next three matches dove victory, Prometheus Patras OAKA and with tuesday in Alexandria. It's not that it's impossible, but it will definitely be very difficult. Always with a… third eye, in theory it was the most indifferent match of the season.

All the … cases in the trash

Baby, you and I can call each other that. The question is what is actually true. Did anyone ask the players? Coaches? what; They took the field for the derby of the “eternals” and chanted “Whatever it rains, let it rain?” Well, of course not. Eventually, even if it's in the back of the mind before the jump, when they “step” on the ground, it all goes away. Not even them!

Only the desire to win dominates. Are we talking about a cup final, regular season match or finals? to play, One for the finale… Euroleague. The will to win against the “eternal” enemy is incomparable to anything and anyone. I think all the assumptions and thoughts that most people had before the match went right in time”dt» In the wastebasket.

Has anyone seen any team not wanting to win like crazy? I don't know what you were thinking, but the game gave me the impression that it could have been a championship final matchup.

The intensity, the passion, the tricks,”They refuse to lose» Here and there, energy. Elements that make up the derby of the ages. No labels. without”do or die» Or simply… friendly. It was Panathinayakas vs Olympiaco. In all sports, in all events, she will be the mother of battles. I believe this is very important at OAKA.

Slukas “opened” a very difficult path.

Imagine even more motivated players to play well. For example, the Costas Slokas. It is true that he has been his leader for a month and a half Panathinaikou Fortunately it has entered the “Twilight Zone”. Delivers one leadership performance after another, leading his team to a 2nd place finish in the regular season Euroleague And home advantage play

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But something… was missing. He wanted it, he sought it and asked to make the terrible situation he was in even more “sweet.” In short, he wanted a good match against Olympics. He did. It wasn't his 10 points and 7 assists, but his general presence on the floor. He was coming out Slokas From the parquet? Attacks are too chaotic, too rushed, too predictable without a proper “read”. He was returning Slokas On the floor? Peace, a “clear” mind and right decisions returned.

After all, +13 in +/- is his stats, especially in a match o Olympics He had individual scores of 31-13, which shows how important his presence was in the tournament and how important his absence was accordingly. Analogy +/- had o Kendrick Nunn At the same time, his performance was the same Juancho Hernangomet with +11. We will talk about Spanish a little later.

The Slokas So he wanted to create a good match against his former team (initially). There is always a motive in these events. Either before it or not. The fact is that in the previous six derbies, the captain of “Greens” did not perform well. Olympics.

Let me say it again. He didn't do anything great Panathinayakas But with this win I think it's for him Sluka It was more than important. On the one hand, he “opened” a track that seemed very difficult for him from the beginning of the season, and on the other hand, he got the psychology he wanted for the next derbies of “Eternity”. After all, there will be a sequel play Let's be good and see everything.

And not only did he play well in “Execution” and creation “”Clutch“The three-pointer he “sealed” the “Greens” victory in front of the bench of his former team, his former teammates and former coach. If that's not a motivation from the start of the season, what is?

“Off” and efficient

The Panathinayakas His attack was pluralistic. The I am For example, he scored 17 points, he was the first scorer of “greens” and no one understood how he “off” them. And I don't believe anyone would include him in the first ranks of the great. Isn't that right; Here is the best gift from this particular player…

Why, oh Lessor; And he didn't score 13 points, and we tried to see if there was a statistical error? Completely “calm” and he. Let's say he got a little rematch from him Moses Wright, who was walking elsewhere Ok. He passed by and did not touch, as they say. It has nothing to do with his appearance Chef In her competition Euroleague. A completely different player!

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Two key players can do their job this way and as we move to the second line of luminaries, that – in itself – is a blessing. Ergin Ataman. Although Luca Bulldozer Who heard all the gods and demons of the Turkish technician (and what didn't … Capzero) how much he played. No pointless and fanciful attempts at the altar of spectacle, nothing. He played 13 minutes, provided 4 assists and did his job well.

That's what he said Ataman. That he wants her Second unit In the next matches. Argentina played more time for the guard, oh PapaPetru He scored 21 minutes on the court and generally more players started to enter the equation. Someone will say, yes but “8 players played again”. Don't forget that 29+ minutes is not grand Antetokounmpo This came from his excellent performance against Alba. So as he opened it Cycle of Adam.

Very good Juanjo

However, his biggest “profit”. Panathinaikou is Juanjo Hernangomet. Just before entering the last corner of the season and the final stretch, the Spanish forward is starting to pick up the pace. And he brings them up well. In my view though MVP There was a derby Slokas for PanathinayakasThe numbers “showed” him. Juancho.

Played the second most minutes (33:59) of the season behind 43:11 in his first derby. Euroleague (again) opposite Olympics In Ok They were ahead of 25:55 Munich Two weeks ago. This means the Spaniard is starting to show consistency and become valuable in his hands Ataman.

He produced tremendous energy in defense and attack, while his (few) breaths and his “emptiness” were visible when he was on the bench. Olympics He collected one attack after another. Finally “Greens” released the grids with its “Cuts”. Juancho. Something happened inside Madrid, In Munich And again against Olympics. Similar phases Bowling He's not particularly used to it Panathinayakas. But when the system is (essentially) “running”. Sluka, There is also a conclusion.

His offer, though our language is too short to say it Hernangomet It doesn't even show up on the stat sheet. He is a “four” who “fills” the field, has athletic ability and can equally face opposing threes when “elevated” to the position of small forward. Ataman To “shrink” (defensively) the floor. And he showed that he makes a great “duo” with him Mitoglo.

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After his absence Costa Antetokounmpo It was already decided that we would see this couple. But it wasn't a given at the end of the match and looking at his card Statistics We will see that Lessor Only played for 15 minutes! But with him Mitoglo Turkish technical He wanted his power “must” (as long as possible). Mustafa Fall, bringing in a second player to help. If nothing else, Mitoglou-Huantso's trick front row It paid off for Panathinayak.

I circled both figures from this derby. First: His 30 points Panathinaikou from his mistakes Olympiako! We are talking about an unimaginable big number when the “Greens” reached a total of 77 points. We're talking a little over 1/3 of the offensive output. Second and most important. 21 assists for just 6 fouls. Terrible ratio “For greens”. In fact, he was hard to lose Panathinayakas With these numbers. And let him make a fool of himself Williams-Kass. And let him have it Olympics Also had 11 rebounds.

From there, I guess Panathinayakas Leaving this derby in the past already. He has put the competition in front of him dove In Ok And then the big challenge play her EEuroleague. Maccabi The Baskonia; In the evening, the “greens” will know their opponent by his process play

As for basketball, I think the “greens” will have an easier task against the passes. However, on the other hand, this is a question mark Maccabi And it will be after recent developments. I think the Israelis are a great team Baskonia But the asterisk of the empty stage in Belgrade remains.

Both groups have pluses and minuses. May his enemy emerge with good fortune Panathinaikou And let's see each other better in the coming days.

PS: The refereeing of the derby was not great, needless to say.

PS2: Good luck to Ataman who came out and I apologize if he made a mistake in the struggle. The pulses were down, the man said plainly.

PS3: Sold out It may not be announced but OAKA had over 16,000 fans. If nothing else, it showed how important home advantage is in the final.

YC4: What is missing from Panathinaikos? Players with personality. As Olympiakos pulled off the upset, I thought that victory would not elude him, bearing in mind previous years. Except this year things are different Clutch There are situations when players get the ball when the ball weighs tons and seems impossible to lift.

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