“With God's help I will rise again”

The Dimitra Katsafato She doesn't hide her emotional nature from her followers. The last time was not easy for him and in his last post the entrepreneur announced that he is staying away from social media until he recovers.

As she explained, because of the sadness, she had an upset stomach and needed to rest and take care of herself.

Dimitra Katsafatos faced health problems due to tragedy

“I've been away from social media because those of you who like and follow me know, I'm a little more sensitive than usual. Thank you for your endless messages, your support, your love! I'll get back up with God's help. I had a stomach upset from crying so much but it's okay, I'm on the mend.” I'm coming!

I'm uploading photos because I need some time off, not that I'm not replying to you because you have something, I just need some time off and your likes! I love you so much and truly!

P.S. Above all, dogs are always by your side, even in the small room of my office,” Dimitra Katsafato said in his post.

Last month Raffaelas Pitsikali, with whom she was very close and whom Dimitra Katsafatos called her daughter, passed away.

“I was watching her condition deteriorate and I panicked because she was my daughter and she was giving me courage. Before closing her eyes, Rafaela smiled and traveled in the light,” he admitted to Oakmag a few days ago.

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“Bending” in Dimitra Katsafado Okmak: “Rafaela smiled and traveled in the light before closing her eyes”

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