Earthquake occurred in Karditsa

On Monday morning (12/2) an earthquake of magnitude 3.1 occurred in Karditsa.

According to the Geodynamic Institute, Enceladus “hit” a few minutes before 8:00, specifically at 7:56.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 10 km southwest of Andros Karditsa, while its focal depth was estimated at 9.1 km.

An earthquake measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale was recorded in Karditsa on Monday morning

What to do in case of an earthquake?

The National Disaster Management Authority provides instructions on what to do in case of an earthquake.


If indoors

  • be quiet.
  • Cover up under some sturdy furniture (table, desk, table), kneel down and hold his leg with your hands.
  • If there is no sturdy furniture, kneel in the middle of the room, lower your height as much as possible and protect your head and neck with your hands. Move away from large glass surfaces (windows, glass partitions) or furniture and objects that could injure you.
  • Do not try to leave the house.
  • Do not go out on the balcony.

If you are in a tall building

Move away from windows and exterior walls.

If you are in an entertainment area, shopping center or large store

  • be quiet.
  • Stay in the area until the vibration stops.
  • Don't move erratically towards the exits with the panicked crowd or you risk being trampled.

If you are in an open area

  • Move away from areas under buildings, telephone or power lines.
  • If you have a bag or briefcase, cover your head.

If you are in a car

  • Take shelter in the open and park the car carefully so as not to disturb the traffic.
  • Avoid passing through tunnels, bridges or overpasses.
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