Aris: Yiannis Fetfatzidis headlines a brilliant comeback

Aris and Yiannis Fetfatsidis are in talks to bring the 33-year-old winger back to “Kl”. Vikelidis” and everything shows that the experienced footballer will have a second time in “yellow”.

Whether emotional reactions fit his character or not is for him to answer, but he certainly doesn't use them. He likes to greet and manage every situation without expression, but that afternoon he may have broken his rules. Calendar September 29, 2020 Mr Yannis Fetfatzidis Neos went to Rizio's sports center to say goodbye to friends and teammates No Packed his bags for Qatar after the deal with Algor. The short bodied striker left but said… “See you later”. Many people didn't believe him and he repeated it to everyone Its public space Now it's time for faithless Thomas to believe.

Perhaps it was written by his destiny, but it was certainly something he loved very much and even with unshakable convictions many interviews were collected in which he spoke openly about his desire to return to Mars. As a man, he weighs his word, but above all, he knows how to appreciate and love, and in this case, he developed a special relationship with Aris. Obviously, it started with a lot of bitterness, but grew into a relationship of mutual love and mutual respect. He never forgot that he was supported by his performance in the “yellow and black” jersey, the club supported him. Since returning was on his mind, these paths could not be crossed as Mars was established to have a similar intention.

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The fact is that this (looming) income could have been started from the summer, thus avoiding temptations to spend money and points. Better late than never. Aris and Fetfatzidis are now in advanced contacts for a new collaboration. Aris' contract with Yiannis Fetfatzidis is now a given, even if he expects to end his career in the “yellow and black” shirt, even God knows.

At the age of 33, “Fetfa” is coming to Aris for the second time in his event, and the numbers perhaps justify his offering. The “Foreign” chapter, which has been struggling for years to open, can also be closed. Al Ahly (100 caps, 21 goals, 29 assists), Al Hor (45 caps, 13 goals, 4 assists), Genoa (37 caps, 4 goals, 4 assists), Spall (13 caps, 1 goal, 1 assist) As well as on Al Salah, APOEL, Chievo Verona.

This year, the first half of the year was not pleasant for the experienced footballer as he did not find a role or playing time in Cyprus. That is why he expressed his desire to leave Mars and return…

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