Survivor Spoiler Departure 2/13: The Candidate is the favorite to leave!


What will we see at the Mars Island Council? Who is the third player in the taco asking their name?

Survivor Spoiler Departure 2/13: The Game of Survival the sky Now there is a blue color. Militants have made a big comeback Survivor And the facts are different. Which player will be 3rd candidate leaves;

No Survivor spoiler Tuesday's episode confirmed what will happen at the Island Council. However, we told you that the funnel of information is now open and this gives us a better opportunity for confirmation questions. It's one thing for everything to close, another to start leaking.

Although we don't have anything solid and concrete, we now have strong indications of what we're going to see in the next episodes. Survivor 2024. Which team wins 3rd immunity, for example. We have strong evidence. This team will win 3rd immunity.

Gender of candidates is locked. It will be a girl. Joe was upset And Olga grew up They are both exit candidates. What would be the 3rd?

Survivor spoiler departure 2/13: Will she go out on a taco?

In the sixth week, Survivor and in the first week we can only have popular candidates. Because that's what it shows. It looks like the fighters will win the 3rd immunity.

What does this mean; Of course, another player must remove the candidate from the ballot box for the celebrity to retire. Joe and Olga are already in Taco so there aren't many options.

New players cannot vote. Two of the weakest players are already on cue, and one remains. Maria Antona called her name and placed 3rd in the list of candidates. They are all red. Because celebrities are determined to get stronger.

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And let's see what the 4th holds…

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