EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity DJ Arrested For Drugs

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D.C., a well-known DJ in his car and home at a small drugstore, is of Italian descent and is arrested by the police. Police officers from the Thermo Police Department found the young man, who had been playing electronic music at several festivals and rocking the crowd, on the Thermo-Platano provincial road.

DJ who was arrested by the police

This is a young musician who travels abroad, participates in festivals and concerts with thousands of people, but also in our country at parties near rivers up to Mount Olympus.

A significant quantity of drugs was found in the disc jockey's car

While searching his car, the police found and confiscated 98.2 grams of cannabis, 2.3 grams of cocaine, 4,000 Euros, 5 narcotic pills and 1 mobile phone.

And drugs were found in his house

But naturally they didn't stop there, and it turns out they weren't the only drugs he had.

A subsequent search of his home resulted in the discovery and seizure of 130.6 grams of ganja (chocolate), 22.8 grams of ganja, 2 graters and a precision scale.

The police are investigating whether the DJ was also involved in drug dealing

The large amount, quantity and variety of drugs and other paraphernalia possessed by the well-known DJ, graters and precision scales, surprised the authorities. There was also the drug trade.

The arrested person was taken to the Agrini Magistrate for charge-sheeting

The arrested person was taken to the First District Attorney in Agrini, while the drug trafficking vehicle was seized.


A man was arrested in Ettologernania for possession of drugs – more than (250) grams of cannabis, (4,000) euros and an exact quantity was seized.

“Yesterday morning, on the Thermos – Platanos provincial road, a local man was arrested by Thermos police officers and a case was registered against him for drug possession.

In particular, officers of the Thermo Police Department found and seized (98.2) grams of cannabis, (2.3) grams of cocaine, and (4,000 Euros) when they found the accused driving a car. (5) Narcotic pills and (1) Mobile phone.

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During the subsequent search of the arrested person's house, the officers found and seized (130.6 grams of ganja (chocolate), (22.8) grams of cannabis, (2) drug powder and an exact amount.

The arrested person will be taken to the Agrini Magistrate, while the drug smuggling vehicle has been seized.

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