ENFIA: Issuance of settlement orders has begun

Property owners can view the new ENFIA settlement reports in their personal account (myAADE) on the AADE digital portal.

On Sunday afternoon, ENFIA began posting settlement statements to taxpayers' accounts on Taxisnet.

Pay tax 11 monthly installments Based on the changes made this year, there are a total of 7 million property owners. Taxpayers can report the tax they pay through their Taxisnet account on the website aade.grUsing their personal passwords.

How will ENFIA be paid?

More specifically, this year's ENFIA repayment installments totaled 11 out of 10 monthly installments last year. The first payment must be made by April 30 and the last payment must be made by February 28, 2025.

By distributing the obligations in this way and “spreading” them throughout the year, a reduction in the size of each installment is ensured, resulting in a smaller amount required to repay the tax. however, Each installment must not be less than 10 euros.

To find the ENFIA Solution Report 2024, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the myAADE home page.
  • Click on the Applications window.
  • Click on popular apps.
  • Click on “E9/ENFIA Report”.
  • A page with ENFIA and E9 will open. Access to the page is done through taxi codes.
  • You select the year 2024 and view the ENFIA 2024 solution report.

Useful points

In the event that an owner pays property taxes in a lump sum, he must be mindful No tax exemption is provided. A reminder that in case of income tax due to liquidation of tax accounts, taxpayers can avail tax deduction of 3% by making lump sum payment at the end of 1st instalment, if they wish.

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However, from next year ENFIA repayments will be made in 12 monthly installments, with the first amount paid at the end of March and the last at the end of February.

If the property is insured against natural calamities (earthquake, flood, fire) in 2023, it is recalled from this year. Then benefit from up to 10% discount. However, thousands of homeowners miss out on this offer by not insuring their home against all three perils of natural disasters like fire, earthquake and flood.

As reported by Panhellenic Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA), nearly 500,000 property owners who insured their property will lose the 10% discount this year because their insurance policies did not cover natural disasters or at least three perils (earthquake, fire, flood). Value per square meter (900 euros), fixed by law.

As POMIDA points out, the loss of this discount “creates a strong sense of injustice and distrust of citizens in the whole operation”, essentially weakening the incentive in the right direction.

Specifically for this year, the consortium has asked for a decision to be issued that would: In the last quarter of 2023, anyone with home insurance with fire and earthquake coverage will receive a discount. Insured, whether or not the coverage is included in flood and: The first quarter of 2024 should be given a deadline of March 31, 2024 to align their insurance policies with all the conditions of the new regulation.

However, taxpayers who have sold or transferred real estate to their children or grandchildren will have their ENFIA settlement reduced this year.

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Also estimated Taxpayers above 1 million get up to 50% rebate or exemption based on income and asset criteria. That is, people with low incomes and those whose real estate value is also at a low level, ensure a reduction of 50% or even 100% from ENFIA.

Families with three or more dependent children and those with a disability rate of more than 80% will not pay ENFIA in the following cases:

If the total taxable family income of the last tax year does not exceed 12,000 euros, an increase of 1,000 euros is added for the spouse or common-law partner and each dependent member or for the total area of ​​the buildings that the person has to declare. Income tax has rights, or spouse and dependent children of his/her family, taking into account percentage of co-ownership and type of ownership, does not exceed 150 square meters.

It is worth emphasizing that 2024 ENFIA will be counted up to March 8 with new data reported in Q9But if corrections have been made in previous years also, the occupancy tax of previous years will also be recalculated and fresh settlement notes will be sent, which may be more or less depending on the changes.

The E9 platform is expected to reopen at the end of April for taxpayers who find errors in real estate tax returns to submit correction reports, just ahead of the deadline for submission of the first installment of ENFIA.


Also, taxpayers paying the most ENFIA this year in 2023 will be:

  • They acquire property for the first time and property tax is levied on it.
  • Acquired additional assets.
  • They corrected the image of their property situation in E9 in the AADE application that was open until March 8 and the increase in the objective value of their real estate due to the declaration of legalized arbitrary constructions or what they adjusted with the data they declared in the Land Registry was declared in E9 and it shows the increased area of ​​the property.
  • As a result of their increased income they lose 50% or 100% exemption from ENFIA.
  • Their family status has changed and for this reason they lose partial or total exemption from ENFIA.
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