It issued an “important” warning to billions of Chrome users – “Update Now” –

Cybersecurity experts urge Google users to update their Chrome browser as soon as possible.

A recent Google blog post highlights an important security update released to its browser. Google changed the target earlier this week on Tuesday, March 26 Seven security fixes in Chrome.

Chrome version “123.0.6312.86/.87” for Windows and Mac and “123.0.6312.86” for Linux will be released in the next days/weeks. The update also addresses a serious vulnerability Can be used by attackers to compromise user's computer.

This vulnerability is identified as «CVE-2024-2883» This could allow a remote attacker to access your server through a malicious HTML page.

Once a user visits such website, An attacker can gain control of his computer.

Why should you renew?

By updating your browser, you ensure that your device has access to the latest security measures. Experts stress that keeping your software up-to-date is one of the most important things you can do to keep your product secure.

Security updates Repair Difference Vulnerable points, Eliminates the need to spend money on antivirus software, experts say.

Conversely, not updating will leave your browser more vulnerable to malware and bugs.

How to stay safe

To protect yourself from zero-day vulnerabilities, you should update your Chrome browser immediately:

  • First go to your device and open the Chrome browser.
  • In the top-right corner, click the three-dotted menu icon, then tap Settings.
  • On the left, click About Chrome, Chrome will check for updates and download them automatically.
  • If the update is ready, click “Restart to Update” to apply it.

Additional notes

There are a few things you can do to protect your device from malware and vulnerabilities.

  • For newbies, You only install apps from the Google Play Store – This will help ensure that the apps you download are safe.
  • Be careful when clicking on links In emails or text messages, these often lead to phishing sites.
  • It helps a lot using a security application with anti-malware protection;than your device.
  • Beware of fake websites or containing incessant pop-up ads, as they may contain malware.
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