Viruses, flu and Covid are spreading: Bagonis and Majorgini suggest via CNN Greece

This Christmas, the “Holiday Invasion” is being carried out VirusesBut seasonal flu Corona virus Experts have called for extreme caution, precaution and vaccination with improved Covid vaccines.

In fact, Covid-19 shows a 45% increase, most of which are related to incidents Subspecies of Omicron. However, according to Mme Matina Bagonis President of EINAP, Vice President of OENGE and Coordinating Director of Gennimatas Hospital, fortunately the clinical symptoms of the virus are the same as in the previous period, the elderly are more problematic and burdened.

Therefore, we recommend people over the age of 64, if they are infected with Covid, stay at home and contact their doctor immediately, who will prescribe antiviral drugs if necessary. Antibiotics avoid hospitalization and intubation. So, if someone is sick, they stay at home, don't go around, or visit friends, to stop the chain of transmission. However, as he pointed out, it is true that now even entire families are affected by the coronavirus.

Vaccination was given…

Asked about vaccinating citizens with updated vaccines against Covid-19, Ms Bagoni says that unfortunately only 20% of citizens are getting vaccinated.

Of course Things with the coronavirus can be dealt with now Having a lot of experience, Ms. Bagoni points out that it's not a bad thing to always have an antiseptic with us during our visit. Of course, it is worth remembering to use a mask, especially when we are on a plane, on a ship, in a theater and in a supermarket with a lot of people, he adds.

President of EINAP is Matina Pagoni, Vice-President of OENGE and Coordination Director of Gennimatas HospitalKabandis Dimitris/Intime News

Mallorca: We will not see a dramatic increase

For his part, Associate Professor of Health and Epidemiology, Gigas Mallorca, referring to the pile-up of Covid-19 patients, stressed that the situation is manageable even though patients in the country's hospitals have crossed 1,000 and intensive care units have about 60 to 70. He also estimates that we don't expect any dramatic increase after the holidays, but instead will maintain the same high plateau that the virus is showing today.

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“In general, we don't see OMICRON variants causing major hospitalizations, and this subtype we're experiencing is JN 1 and belongs to the OMICRON family,” he adds.

Asked about vaccination with updated vaccines, he says, “Unfortunately, we are far behind and as a result, a large percentage of citizens are not vaccinated.” People mistakenly believe that vaccination with updated vaccines should not be rushed, especially the elderly.

However, the professor's one suggestion for everyone is not to sympathize if we have symptoms that make us feel isolated.

Gigas Majorkinis, Associate Professor of Health and EpidemiologyRES-EMP

Viruses and flu visits

But apart from covid, many other viruses like seasonal flu, syncytial virus and streptococcus are on the march this winter. It is not excluded that we will be affected by more than one virus at the same time, said Mr. Gigas Majorkinis points out, while Ms. Bagoni underlines that the current situation in hospitals is manageable and the system is not under pressure.

But because many mothers are worried about their children, when they develop fever and tonsillitis, they should contact their pediatrician immediately, Ms Bagoni points out.

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