A video documents a 16-year-old robbing a drug store in front of customers

A juvenile offender armed with a weapon quickly enters a pharmacy and takes money from the cash register. Hollerkos looks at the evidence surrounding the video documenting the robbery…

Hollarkos gained attention for an armed robbery at a pharmacy that occurred on Christmas Day. While the pharmacist and customers are inside, the 16-year-old assailant enters armed. The video document shows the movements of the young man and how quickly he got his hands on the 700 euros in the cash register. The onlookers watched the incident in shock and the culprit immediately left the spot. He is now in the hands of the police, who are trying to track down his accomplice.

At the top of the screen we see it's 10:50 on Christmas night, when the boy enters the pharmacy. He was there less than 20 seconds before he took the money in hand and smoked. He knew where to stand because his partner walked in as a customer earlier and showed the way.

A short time later, the 16-year-old, covering his features (with a hood, collar and gloves), entered the pharmacy in the Holargos area and, under the threat of a replica gun, shook and removed the owner. 700 euros from the cash register.

Following an investigation by police officers of the Babako-Solarkov security department, the juvenile offender was identified and arrested the next day at noon. His accomplice, preliminary investigations revealed, had earlier pretended to be a customer and entered the dispensary with the intention of spying on the premises.

A search and seizure at the girl's house resulted in the seizure of 1.1 grams. Cocaine, 215 euros and clothes brought by his accomplice. The police also found the gun he threw away after the robbery.

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The arrested man was taken to a competent juvenile attorney while inquiries continue to identify his accomplice.

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