Vesenkov: Trade to Raptors – Basketball

Sasha Vesenkov found his new basketball “roof” in the NBA!

Bulgarian futures were traded Davion Mitchell from Sacramento Kings want Toronto Raptorswho gave him “Kings” in return Jaylen McDaniels.

The Vesenkov There was dissatisfaction on their part Kings, signed him for another year. Now, it’s shifted to the Canadian team, which is actually coached by only the second European head coach in league history, Darko Rajakovic.

It is significant Raptors A rebuilding team that finished last season in 12th place in the East and gave up its best player, Pascal Siagam, traded to the Pacers. However, the Canadiens are very loaded at forward, with players like Scotty Barnes, Kelly Olynyk and Chris Pusher.

Whether the Raptors want to keep him remains to be seen Vesenkov to their ability, or if there was another development in his life on the other side of the Atlantic. We remind you that even if the Canadiens release him, his contract Vesenkov He will claim 48 hours for any team that wants to acquire him.

In his rookie season, the 29-year-old forward was 5.4 points (37.5% on 3-pointers) and averaged 2.3 rebounds in 12.2 minutes played in 42 total games.

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