June 28 Calendar: Who Celebrates Today?

TodayAccordingly CalendarThey have feast The:

  • Anarkyros, Anarkyri, Anarkirola *
  • German*

* This name has other dates as holidays

Discovering the Holy Relics of Saints Anarchy Cyrus and John

According to the Synaxarist, the holy martyrs Cyrus and John worked during the reign of Emperor Diocletian (284 – 305 AD). Saint Cyrus came from Alexandria and Saint John came from Edessa in Mesopotamia.

Well trained in medical science, they rendered their services uncharitably to their poor fellows. And not only did they not take money from anyone, but they gave their own until they were poor. That is why they were called Anargiri. With the medical aid they provided to the sick, they also taught them the saving truth of the gospel. Their words gave the light of Christ to many pagans.

But their action was reported to the authorities, and as a result they were beheaded and received the crown of sacrifice. Then the Christians buried them secretly, and when Arcadius was emperor, and Theophilos was archbishop of Alexandria (400 A.D.), their holy relics were discovered and solemnly restored. In fact, many patients who touched them were cured. Thus, it is affirmed that “the righteous live forever, their reward in the Lord” (Sophia Solomonos, v. 15). The righteous, that is, live forever, and their reward is in the hands of God.


Ἦhos c’. Divine faith.

Divine grace, energy, raging, reed of miracles, your sept remains without silver, shining from the lap of the earth, Lord Theophran, glorified John, from all, the honorable presence of these, we ask you for great mercy.

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