Unthinkable comments from partner Farage: “Do as the Greeks do, shoot the immigrants!”

“Shoot them. That’s what the Greeks did…you know. The Greeks fired a load of … [με μετανάστες]Among other things, an official from the British Reform Party’s (Reform UL) pre-election campaign surprised party leader Nigel Farage himself ahead of the July 4 election.

While the media has been preoccupied with Nigel Farage’s party’s fall in the polls due to his claims that the West is to blame for Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, recent statements from his party’s election campaign chief have been grim.

The video, published by Channel 4 News on the evening of Thursday 26 June, was taken undercover on the Reform campaign trail in Clacton, Essex, where Farage is running for MP.

Channel 4 News recorded comments about Muslims by reform campaigner Andrew Parker.

The undercover video showed reform supporters shooting and hanging migrants in England, advocating the reinstatement of the death penalty.

In particular, Parker recommended that military recruiters conduct “target practice” on those crossing the Channel in small boats.

“Get new recruits out there, yes, with guns on the beach, target practice,” he said.

“Shoot them. That’s what the Greeks did…you know. The Greeks shot a load…” Brit pointed out.

Parker called Muslims “sick” and Islam “is a cult. If you don’t know about Islam, let me tell you, it’s a very disgusting cult.”

“We drive all Muslims out of mosques and turn them into bars.” In the same conversation, Parker also described Sunak as “useless” among other negative characterizations censored by the British media.

The video, published by the Daily Mail, also showed a violent exchange between George Jones, who is said to be organizing events for Farage’s campaign, senior party official Rob Bates and its regional director Roger Gravett, the candidate.

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They called on the LGBTI that their party would “bring back the gallows”, called Rishi Sunak a “f****** p***” and that Muslims should be evicted from mosques so they could be turned into bars. People “degenerate”.

When a patrol car passed the Pride flag, Jones asked, “See that defaced flag on the front hood?”

“What is the old bill doing to encourage this nonsense? They should catch pedophiles, not promote f****** (“sisters”).

Gravett then says: “When we form a government in 2029, we can certainly change a lot of things.” Jones responded by saying that “our police officers will be paramilitary, not police officers” and that reform should “bring back the gallows”.

‘I apologize to Farage – he knew nothing about my comments’

When the video hit the British media, Parker not only recoiled in horror, but also claimed that Farage had no idea about his comments.

“I want to make it clear that neither Nigel Farage nor the Reform Party know my personal views on immigration,” he said.

“I have not debated immigration with Nigel Farage or the Reform Party and the views I have expressed during these recordings are my own views on any matter I have commented on,” he said, adding that he had never dissociated the party before. Nigel Farage did not discuss electorate reform or his personal views with representatives.

“Therefore, I would like to apologize to Nigel Farage and the Reform Party if my personal comments have reflected badly and brought them into disrepute, as that was not my intention.

“I have come forward to help the Reform Party in its efforts because I believe it is the only party that can offer the UK electorate a practical solution to the illegal immigration problem we have in the UK.”

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“I was disappointed in what I heard.”

Asked to comment on the reports, Nigel Farage said he was disappointed the man who made such shocking claims would no longer be campaigning in the region. Farage was notable in 2013 to hear The British government in 2013 to accept more refugees from the Syrian civil war.

Asked by a Channel 4 reporter, Farage said: “I’m disappointed by the statements from a few people associated with my local campaign, particularly volunteers. He will no longer be campaigning.

“The appalling sentiments expressed by some in these speeches have nothing to do with my own views, with the views of the majority of our supporters, or with the politics of English reformation. “The language used is reprehensible,” he said.

“Reform is a party for everyone who believes in Britain. I am proud that our supporters, candidates and national campaign come from all backgrounds and identities.

Farage went on the attack: “I’m interested to know if Channel 4 is connecting grassroots activists from all political parties through the same reform or if reform is a special focus.”

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