Tsolakis remains at Limani as he renews his contract with the Red and Whites


Kostantis Tsolakis with the Conference League trophy after Olympiakos’ win over Fiorentina in the OPAP Arena final

Kostantis Tzolakis has agreed to renew his contract with Olympiakos and will continue to defend the red and white club, confirming SPORT24’s report of his open door to foreign arrivals. According to reports, the contract is for three years.

“Georgios Karaiskakis” and the sports center in Rentis are the two houses of Constantis Tzolakis since 2019 and will continue for the next few years. It was this season that brought his competitive debut and made him a buzzword on the lips of all Olympiacos fans.

He was enhanced with Jose Luis Mendeliber on the bench and not only grabbed the opportunity he was given by the hair, but became one of the most important players in Preus’ glorious journey to win the UEFA Conference League.

The 21-year-old keeper sat in goal in the return leg against Maccabi Tel Aviv in Serbia and has since become a vital and irreplaceable member of the red and white roster, finding out what this magical season finale is all about. Best award.

This came with a new contract offered to him by Olympiakos’ management, with the tall Haniotis goalkeeper accepting the offer he was given and joining hands with the red and whites, opening the door to interested parties emerging from outside the Greek borders. According to reports, the contract is for the next three years.

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Basically, the Tzolakis update fully confirms Antonis Economides’ recent report on SPORT24, where he exposed Tzolakis. To communicate the decision to sign a new cooperation agreement with Olympiakos, through its representatives, to many stakeholders outside the borders.

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