Traffic regulations in Athens due to cycling competition

Traffic regulations are in effect in Athens from 8am and will last approximately three hours.

At the centre, a cycling competition organized by Cancer Patients, Volunteers, Friends, Doctors Association, “KEFI”, under the name “Run Bike Care 2024”, will disrupt traffic at many places. In collaboration with the Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA).

According to the traffic police, the following streets and boulevards in the municipality of Athens will be temporarily and gradually closed to traffic from 08:00′ to 10:30′:

  • In the area of ​​Synchro Ave., Ath Diego St. to Amalias Ave., traffic towards Flat. Constitution.
  • Vas Amalias Ave., along its entire length, traffic towards Pl. Syntagma and its diagonals to the first parallel street.
  • University, on its section from Amalias Avenue to Hippocrates Street, and on its diagonals to the First Parallel Street.
  • Academias, in its section from Char Street. Trikoubi to Sofias Avenue and its perpendicular to the first parallel street.
  • Vas Amalias Ave. In both traffic flows from First Cone/New Ave and its perpendicular to First Parallel Street.
  • Vas Kon/nou Ave., along its entire length, traffic flows towards Ardittos (downhill) and its perpendicular to the first parallel street.
  • Date Attikou, its entire length and its diagonals to the first parallel street.
  • Meleagro, in its section from Hesiodos Street to Vas Kon/nou Avenue.
  • Arvantino, in the area from Hesioto Street to the Vas.
  • Cleanthos, from Was B’ Street to Con/No Avenue.

During the periods when the above traffic restriction is in force, vehicles shall be permitted to pass perpendicularly at the following controlled intersections:

  • Vas Sophia’s – Rigillis Ave
  • Was Kon/Now Ave.
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Changes in tram schedule

STASY announced today changes to tram lines 6 and 7 due to bicycle racing.


  • Due to the running of the “Pikrotafni – Syntagma” “Run – Bike – Care” race on line 6, there will be a terminal station at the “Fix” stop from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.
  • Due to the road race “Kalamaki – Aug. “Positonia 2024” on Line 7, the terminal station will be at the Trida Praeus “SEF” stop from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM.

Traffic arrangements on the streets of Kalatsi Municipality

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