There are more than 100 cases of gastroenteritis

Magnesia is cautious because of mass cases of gastroenteritis, which seem to exceed 100. In the intensive care unit, an elderly person rushes in for treatment and children.

Very concerned, but also angry “In the shadow” of recorded cases of gastroenteritis prevailing in the last days in Magnesia, probably due to the inappropriateness of the water.

Specifically, according to the information sent Taxidromos, Cases of gastroenteritis have now crossed 100. The EODY team is expected to conduct inspections in Stefanovigiou and Risomiello at the request of the Deputy Regional Governor, Anna Maria Papadimitriou, following the situation that quickly spiraled out of control.

The same information says that the anger of the residents arose as the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of the Municipality of Riga Ferrayo. On Friday night, after 11 pm, a post on social media informed them that there was a problem with the water.

Also, it informs MagnesiaNewsElderly people with underlying diseases He is hospitalized in ICU of Volos HospitalAmong the patients were seven children who were hospitalized at Children’s Hospital.

Regarding Laboratory control of clinical samples, a stool sample taken from a patient attending Velastino Hospital was positive for Salmonella and sent to the Hospital of Thessaly. Laboratory testing of clinical samples is also underway at GN Volos.

Magnesia: EODY notice on symptoms of gastroenteritis

On 30/5/24, a large number of gastroenteritis cases were reported to residents of the areas by the Department of Food and Waterborne Diseases, Velastino Health Center (HC), Department of Epidemiological Surveillance and Intervention for Infectious Diseases of EODY. Rizomylos and Stefanovikei, PE of Magnesia.

From the initial registration of cases and telephone contacts made with KY Velestinos and GN Volos, as of today 1/6/24, more than 40 cases of gastroenteritis have been registered. All ages and both genders with a start date of 5/27/24. Seven (7) children have been admitted to the pediatric hospital, while an elderly man with underlying illnesses has been hospitalized in the ICU of GN Volos. They, the residents of the concerned areas, and those related to this incident are being investigated.

On 31/05/2024, Department of Health Control and Environmental Hygiene (TYEPY) of Magnesia PE visited the areas for health identification of water supply network, took water samples from representative points of water supply network and sent them. Thessaly PEDY for laboratory control.

According to preliminary results of laboratory control of water samples, There are indications of microbiological load, with possible causes related to works in the water supply network, which are being further investigated. However, laboratory testing of water samples will be completed in the coming days for any official findings.

Regarding laboratory control of clinical samples, one (1) stool sample from a patient arriving in Velastino, KY was positive for Salmonella.

Laboratory testing of clinical samples is also underway at GN Volos.

EODY and PEDY of Thessaly are investigating the outbreak of cases and, together with the Directorate of Public Health and Social Security and TYEPY of PE of Magnesia, reported the event to the Municipality of Riga Ferrau on 31/05/2024. . DEYA Riga Feraiu issued a notice to the citizens of the water network not to use the water for human consumption. On Monday 3/6/2024, an additional team of EODY is moving to the area to reinforce further laboratory and epidemiological investigation.

EODY recommends strict adherence to personal hygiene measures to avoid secondary spread of the disease. DEYA has initiated operations to clean up the water supply network. The investigation is ongoing.

It should be noted that Daniel had nothing to do with the explosion of gases and bad weather.

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