Survivor 3/6 Spoiler: Which Team Has 2nd Immunity?


First guess for the winning team in the 2nd Survivor Immunity Tournament. Celebrities or Militants?

Survivor 3/6 Spoiler: His 22nd week started off strong SurvivorFighters take first immunity relatively easily. Whichever team wins 2nd immunity In his survival game the sky; Celebrities or Militants?

Georgia will find certainty Survivor spoiler And winners will be announced within the day. Of course, it’s not that easy, but most of the time we fall into predictions.

Giorgos Lianos announces new changes regarding duels, injuries and candidates as things get tougher as the final approaches.

The Blues started the week with a bang… as if that wasn’t enough for the Reds, Katerina Dalaka was injured.

Nice battleground and final destination as seen in Monday’s episode. We looked inside Broadcast the entire process live. Overall, it has many good end-purposes in the battle arena Survivor 2024.

The Reds have three players and they want to find an answer so they don’t have a… serious problem.

Survivor 3/6 Spoiler: They lead to a 2nd immunity!

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