Thriller with a burnt corpse in Ano Leosia – Criminal action is investigated

The charred body of the elderly man was found in the yard of the house in Ano Leosia on Friday night.

The police are investigating the initial information that the son of the old man said that he did not have money to pay for the funeral of the old man and tried to burn him on a mattress in the yard of the house.

They are investigating whether it was a murder

Whether the unfortunate person died of pathological causes or was killed by his son is currently unclear.

Neighbors said the old man was suffering from amnesia and his son had tied him several times to keep him from leaving the house.

A medical examiner rushed to the spot and examined the body.

The first police officers who arrived at the spot saw a gruesome scene of a charred body lying on a sheet-covered mattress.

Neighbors informed the police due to the smell. When the police came and knocked on the door, they found the mattress covered by the roof of the neighbor’s house as no one answered.

According to information, the son of the deceased is facing psychological problems and it is difficult to communicate with the police officers who are examining him.

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