He won a medal for the fifth time in a row at the European Championships

Wonderful Katerina Stefanidis He did it again! The leading Greek vaulter won it Silver medal In European Championship her Rome And made history. She won a medal at the Europeans for the fifth consecutive event, proving to be Europe’s best and most consistent in the pole vault over the past decade.

Stefanidis’ illustrious journey at the European Championships began in 2014 with a silver in Zurich. This was followed up with gold in Amsterdam in 2016 and gold in Berlin in 2018, while in 2022 he won silver again in Munich. In 2024 he added another silver in Rome!

His rich collection includes one Olympic gold medal (2016), one gold (2017) and one bronze (2019) in World Open Track and two bronzes (2016, 2018) in World Closed Track. Still has gold (2017) and silver (2015) in European indoor track.

Stefanidis’ medal was the second for Greece after Miltos Dentoglou’s gold at the European Championships in Rome.

The ultimate evolution of the Pole Vault

Stefanidis cleared his race to 4.43m. He jumped high.

Equally impressive was the Greek champion’s jump of 4.58m, which he cleared with ease. The gold medalist in Rio continued her good flights with a height of 4.68m. Only two succeeded in the second attempt (Britton Contery and Switzerland’s Moser). Italian player Molinarolo 4.68m. He also made a last attempt at 4.73m, but he failed, which sealed the medal for Stefanidis.

And when the time came, 4.73 m. Golden Katerina did another amazing jump. She cleared the beam in her first attempt and took a clear lead for the gold medal.

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As Stefanidi had the first idea for gold, the other contenders for the medal cleared 4.73m. 4.78m. Kanteri failed on his first attempt, but Moser was not successful and took the lead for gold.

Stefanidi failed in her first attempt with a throw of 4.78m. and 4.83 m. They claim gold. However, even there he did not finish first (and second overall).

Conderi failed on his jumps, finishing third. And Stefanidi made a last-ditch bid for gold, having already locked up a silver medal.

She couldn’t make the cut, but her smile was wide as she left Rome with another medal in her vast collection.

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