Breathtaking Video – Planes land just a short distance from the roof

In the hours leading up to the Heraklion flight, interesting pictures are emerging on the Internet. “Nikos Kazantzakis” Airport of Heraklion.

Impressive images

The entire process of access Large jets A breath Roofs of houses Landing at the airport from today onwards West East. The images “take” the breath away and make citizens enjoy the sky Impressive view.

His camera Creed TV Captured unique images of planes turning upwards Agia Pelagia Following the coast its runway approaches 09-27 airport.

In fact, when there are airplanes The final straight for landing They seem to sweep the roofs of houses Nia Aligarnazo.

Certainly its citizens Heraklion They are used for these images because Heraklion as an aviation city has been associated with the image of airplanes and noise for decades.

The wind on the one hand and the lack of visibility of the sun on the other often force flights to Heraklion to land over most of the city.

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