“The Other Man”: End of an Era for the Community Kitchen? Shop and intriguing post

Konstantinos Polichronopoulos decided to close the community kitchen “The Other Man”, at least in the form known to this day.

In particular, in a disturbing post on the Social Kitchen page on social networks, a photo was uploaded, showing that a shop has been added to the site of “The Other Man” on Megalo Alexandrou Street in Athens.

Mr. The head of the community kitchen, who contacted Polychronopoulos, made it clear that “The Other Man” was not going to close.

In fact, the post’s caption reads “This is the end…” without making it clear whether the Community Kitchen’s head, Konstantinos Polychronopoulos, will continue to run the Community Kitchen elsewhere or what this means. Finally “The Other Man”.

Here’s what Konstantinos Polychronopoulos says

That there was communication Inside The head of the community kitchen, Mr. clarified with Polychronopoulos.

As he clarified, the owner’s decision to use the building in a different way from September 2022, the time has come today.

However, he is not tired of what he hears, and because he is being controlled by the authorities for crimes such as money laundering and organized crime, and in general, as he points out, the public’s support has decreased “because” we have no account” but as he said, “we have not stopped cooking even for a day.”

However, in a previous post, Konstantinos Polychronopoulos heralded the changes by talking about rebirth with an analogy with an eagle, and underlining “old beliefs, bad habits, work that brought us to the grave, toxicity.” The one who has absorbed our energy and past that hurts us.”

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Post in detail

“The rebirth of the “Eagle” among us! For most it happens at 50, for me it happened at 60, legend. For others, maybe a little later! Now is the time to get one.
A tough decision like an eagle. Either change, or ‘die’! The eagle is the longest living predator. He lives up to 70 years.

But to get there, in the middle of his life, around age 40, he had to make a big decision. Because his claws can no longer catch prey. Its beak is curved.

His heavy wings stick to their chests, making it difficult for him to fly. So he has two options: death or going through a painful process that lasts 150 days. So he climbs the highest peak and isolates himself in his nest.

It taps its beak on the rock until it snaps off. When a new one grows, he cuts his nails with it. As new claws grow, he plucks with his old wings..! After 5 months, when the eagle grows its brand new wings, it takes its famous ‘rebirth flight’ and lives for 30 years.

For humans, the beak, claws and wings are our old beliefs, bad habits, a job that holds us back, toxic people who drain our energy and a past that hurts us!!!!

Root them out! Get them out of you and fly high!”.

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