The dog that found Bobby's body in Mesolonghi has solved 3 other cases

After several days of research in his area Mesolongi For finding the missing Babis Koutsikos, The dead body of a 31-year-old man has been found Monday (22/01) afternoon in the Evangelistria area of ​​Campos Evinochori. The “Anubis” research team and the dog were instrumental in finding the 31-year-old. Echo.

According to the head of the “Anubis” group, Good news Alexander, and she mentioned on “Action Now” with Nikos Hyfantis and Milena Iliopoulos that Echo is 3.5 years old, trained by her and certified in the US. Indeed, the Echo is experienced Also helped solve 3 cases.

Regarding the case of 31-year-old Babis, the committee chairman said.This is one of the easiest businesses I've ever done. One of the easiest cases is with a dog». He said the skilled services team was called to the scene at the request of the family.

“Anubis” Group is a newly established company from 2022, according to the chairman. Echo can detect biological substances Teamwork involves a variety of activitiesThanks to the tools they have.

It is recalled that The Hellenic Philanthropic Society will do the honors At the first opportunity to give gifts, properly The sniffer dog, its lead trainer and its volunteer team.

Echo cases have been resolved

On its side, the group “Anubis Goldcase K9 Team» Babis Koutsikos says about the case:

“Following a request by the relatives to the Mesolonghi Prosecutor's Office, the head of our committee was appointed as an expert. Alexandris Evangelos, missing HK on 05.01.2024 for trial. On 22.01.2024, at approximately 16:19 hours, an unidentified pile of dead missing persons and human remains was detected by a dog. Echo. The scene was secured, the area was cordoned off, and where our team was operating, a skilled employee of the Hellenic Police was called to secure the limited scene until the arrival of the competent bodies conducting the initial investigation and the main investigation.

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Our deepest condolences to the family.”

Regarding two other cases settled by EchoThe group wrote on its page:

“On 25.08.2023 and at around 2:20 PM, we received a phone call from a relative that Mr. Th.X. has been missing since 18.08.2023. In Aegina. Our help was immediate with special dogs that detect the dead and human remains. Mr. TH.X. He was found by Echo the dog at 14:20 near the monastery where he disappeared. Our deepest condolences to the family.”

In another disappearance, the Echo Played a catalytic role:

“On 14.08.2023 also at around 11:07 AM we received a call via email from a relative regarding the disappearance of MM.MM. Eritrea tiles, on 20.07.2023, time 15:30. Our help was immediate with special dogs that detect the dead and human remains. Mrs. M.M. The dog was found by Echo on 24.08.2023 at 12:00. Our deepest condolences to the family.”

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