Tax Returns: Recorded Issues

With many innovations coming into effect this year, such as pre-filled returns for taxpayers who earn only wages and pensions or the taxation system for 730,000 professionals, the filing of tax returns has started from April 25. Of course, this year too, some “arrhythmias” were recorded early on, and efforts are being made to address them.

It may be noted that an informal working group has been set up this year to record issues in tax returns. At the initiative of Deputy Minister Haris Deoharis, he participates Federation of Tax Professionals (POFEE)AADE MrService factors of course. In fact, in the automated special application, POFEE has forwarded all the issues it has collected from its associations and tax accountants.

More specifically, the most important issues that remain are:

– Incorrect interest rates for deposits and loans for all banks

-Extraordinary benefits of pensioners are not disclosed

Code 727 Refundable deposit not completed

-Various ministries (eg rural development), health districts and some municipalities are yet to post salary certificates

The issue of Self Employed Termination is registered

– Code 781 during settlement is reported not to include assumptions resulting from incorrect settlement calculation

Errors found in transfer of loss of previous years – this is about agricultural enterprises

-Cars in circulation in 2023 are not shown in E1

The equivalent of transport of individuals (without professional activity) is entered manually in E1

In detail, the Informal Working Group to Record Tax Accounts Issues for the year has developed the following timeline of pending issues and resolved issues:

  • 4/26/2024: Reports not printed (due 4/27).
  • 4/26/2024: Liquidation result is credit even on non-debt (expired 4/27).
  • 26/4/2024: Child benefit not raised (resolved 1/5).
  • 4/26/2024: Return on 727 not completed (not yet resolved).
  • 4/26/2024: A child who is required to submit a declaration cannot submit a statement unless a parent first submits one (expired 4/27).
  • 26/4/2024: Incorrect interest on deposits and loans (still not resolved for all banks).
  • 29/4/2024: Social solidarity income not raised (resolved 13/5).
  • 4/29/2024: OPEKEPE does not post certificates on its site to make entries in the books (resolved 2/5).
  • 29/4/2024: Concessions of emergency pensioners not increased (not resolved yet).
  • 8/5/2024: Various ministries (e.g. rural development), health districts and some municipalities have not yet uploaded wage reports (not resolved yet).
  • 8/5/2024: In Schedule 6 of E1, a taxpayer cannot be declared a camper (resolved 5/13).
  • 9/5/2024: Problem with self-employment withholding reported (not yet resolved).
  • 9/5/2024: Code on clearance does not include 781 assumptions – incorrect clearance calculation (still not resolved).
  • 9/5/2024: The transport equivalent of individuals (without professional activity) is entered manually in E1 (recommended by us if the process can be automated).
  • 11/5/2024: Issue Code 047 – 048 (Relating to Reduction of Minimum Net Income – Areas of Population 500) – 2011 Census may be taken into account once again (resolved 05/13).
  • 11/5/2024: Errors found in carry forward loss from previous years – related to agricultural businesses (not yet resolved).
  • 5/13/2024: Cars in circulation in 2023 not found in E1 (not resolved yet).
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It should be noted that the deadline for submission of notices ends on July 26, 2024, while employees and pensioners who, based on their data, have been selected for automatic submission of notices, have received a notification in their email from AADE. -Mail, in “Messages” box of digital portal myAADE and in myAADEapp. In fact, AADE has already issued settlement memo and issued tax bill before submission of notice.


However, based on the joint notification of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and POFEE, the timetable announced by the Ministry of Finance is that it will not be possible to submit the tax returns due to the opening of the electronic platform for natural persons on 25/4/2024 for legal entities. Persons 1/5/2024. To date, there have been gaps in the large amount of data that should have already been released and IT companies have been slow to develop applications.

Due to the legislative gap at the beginning of submission of tax returns and to avoid continuous extensions, OEE and POFEE jointly re-propose the immediate legislation of a strict timetable, with a clear definition of the start-end date by which tax returns will be submitted.

The law will provide assurance that the site will be fully operational, and each responsible organization will be held accountable for any errors or delays from the public or private sector. The proposed deadline for filing Income Tax returns is four months from March 1 to June 30 every year as in the past.

First data from notification permission

Finally, from the liquidation of 356,579 declarations it should be noted that:

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188,380 declarations are zero, 80,907 natural persons have an average tax refund of 330 euros, while 87,290 declarations have an average tax debit of 916 euros.

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