Survivor: This Year’s Final Trio – Celebrations and Twists

A few minutes after 01.30 midnight on Tuesday, the semi-finals of “Survivor” came to an end and Katerina Talaka was the first to qualify for the finals. The athlete fought with Giorgos Giulekas and beat him, so he quietly watched the evening progress.

«I am very happy and I am happy that I was able to make it to the finals of Survivor. A lot of people said I didn’t deserve to go to the finals in previous years, but I fought and won.Katerina said.

Next up is Fanis Poletsis who has booked his ticket to the finals. The fighter fought with Daniel Nurka and after a fierce battle managed to get closer to the dream.

«I would like to thank my family, friends and everyone who supported me. Katharina deserves to be a finalist. Good luck to George and Danielle, but my heart is blue and I’ll be by Danielle’s sideFanis said after the win.

During the semi-finals, George clashed with Daniel as one of the two had to be on the aforementioned side. Danijel Nurka got the rematch, and with Giuleka out, the final trio was formed.

Today is Wednesday, the final day of the finals. Survivors will return to the battlefield, this time for a grand prize of 100,000 euros! Fight to the end in front of an energetic audience cheering on their favorite players! Who will emerge as the big winner of the highly competitive “Survivor”?

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