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Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou writes about the transfers of the highly mobile PAOK and outlines the crucial pending moves for the Greek champions to increase their chances of being in the Champions League groups.

Everyone can see the champion PAOK He has been the hero of the transfer era so far. He is certainly very mobile, and seems to “run” in most cases.

I noticed until the day before yesterday PAOK With the moves he makes, he has the best decks compared to all his competitors. I’m not going to differentiate it, but I think we should look at other parameters this week Transcripts of Two heads.

Let’s go back to basics: for him PAOK Now in summer Only The Champions League Qualifiers. That’s why he’s preparing by deciding that he’ll increase his chances of success if he doesn’t make too many changes to a winning body, but at the same time strengthens himself in a few key positions.

Factoring into all of the above is… time. The PAOK He needs to reach and achieve his transfer targets in a short period of time and in any case complete 90% of his list early and especially in the base phase of preparation.

What’s going on so far?

balance sheet

Today when we write o PAOK Weakened in attack. He had Brandon, Samata and Zima Now both have left with the team to continue the arduous search for a starter.

Among the midfielders and his strongest line-up, O PAOK He didn’t lose any of the players he had and now he doesn’t have the sixth player he doesn’t have.

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Among the axial midfielders, the team has none Maid (let alone Mark Antony) and bought him curvewhile others are present.

In defense O PAOK not him Don’t beg and received him Incense.

In the end he left Zivkovic and O acquired Tsiftsis.

I’m re-reading what I’ve written… looking at everything very carefully, thinking about the times we’re going through, and noticing that this week is very critical.

Today, Wednesday 26/6, Mr PAOK has been strengthened and we doubt it would have been possible without them Don’t beg, Maid, ZimaHe too Zivkovic, the team is weakened. We count the time in every thought because we are seven days after the start of the preparation and five days before the critical start of the main phase.

By tomorrow or Sunday, that’s for sure. PAOK Shut him up Don’t beg And the midfielder, then everything will be very good, almost perfect compared to the original design.

Of course, if the team takes off Netherlands Unresolved (and thus debilitated) in both cases, we also experience his … typical, sour, summer faces. Lucescu. (Let him bend for two or three days. I can bear it even for charm).

Cases one by one

Let’s see what he has in store PAOK On the most current and current topics.

Don’t beg: It is clear PAOK She got along with the Poles and had a difference with her fellow Ukrainians Dynamo Kyiv. I don’t think the difference is that big. The player will close, but… I don’t know when, I emphasize this, because we wrote from the beginning that time also plays a role.

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Huff: I don’t write Maid Because this particular O PAOK He “hit” her and lost track of time. But what is happening now is that the trainer needs more time to connect the new core curveIf a middle solution cannot be found, the most intelligent solution.

To: Oh I still don’t understand how PAOK Trust the solution Braithwaite; The winner of the Secunda Four is free and looking to contract more than two million. PAOK He gave it to him in the beginning Zima Unprotected for the third time. why Zima, I truly write to you that it is impossible that 18-20 million will be found and delivered next summer. I trust him a lot. Will it be good? Will it be bad? I do not know…

I hope Thessaloniki or Monday from here on Sunday Horst her Netherlands Everything will be clearer and more directed for the benefit of the team that will have an opportunity this summer and will do everything to achieve its absence. Nothing is easy, but… well. And that’s… about him PAOK Being one of the few not to have played in the group stage of UEFA’s 50-60…

with savvidhi And Lucescu All done, this could happen to him too PAOK… He can and must, because He deserves it.

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