Apostolos Litras would demand his release from prison with a bracelet, which he would support

Criminologist Apostolos Litras is on his 6th day in Koridalos prison, while he receives daily verbal attacks from fellow inmates.

Together with his close associates, Apostolos Litras is preparing an application for the release of Apostolos Litras from Korytalos prisons, which must be submitted by Friday (28/06/2024).

In the application he will try to convince us that he has not violated the restrictive conditions and may ask to change the temporary detention, to house arrest with a bracelet.

Inside the prison, Apostolos Litras spends most of each day in his cell. Especially after the verbal attack last Monday night (24/06/2024) by a fellow inmate, Apostolos Litras, a person who ruled against him, he avoids communication and going on the corridor.

“The wound of the soul is not healed”

At the same time, Apostolos Litra’s wife is already conducting divorce proceedings. It was revealed that their relationship had been going through a rough patch for months. But no one could have imagined the turn it would take.

“He has a splinter on his arm, he’s still in pain, he’s suffering. She’s hit all over the head, it hurts. As the days go by, the horror part of the film passes, and what never passes is the trauma inside her,” the 37-year-old lawyer said.

According to his inner circle, the lawyer seems to be deeply distressed by the leaks and the moves made after being hit with talk of character assassination.

“Laytras tried to deflect the situation, found out where he was, and caused more damage to their children, to himself and to Sophia. To harm Sophia, no one told the truth, and that’s a terrible thing.

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The 52-year-old criminologist was relieved to learn that the planned auction of his properties in Fatima Salendrio, where he has lived for the past few years and the two children he has with his ex-wife and celebrity lawyer, will not be made. will take place.

The ex-wife of Apostolos Litras is expected to be taken to court tomorrow Thursday (27/06/2024), the lawyer and husband of the criminal expert, accused of disturbing the peace and threatening.

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