Friend to ANT1: Why was Erdogan's US trip postponed?

International affairs analyst Prof. Constantinos Filis was quoted in ANT1's main news roundup on the backdrop of Erdogan's US visit being postponed.

“The visit was postponed not because America is in decline. The climate, which had developed in recent months, has also worsened, as Erdogan made diplomatic maneuvers in Greece, Israel and, later, Egypt, to moderate attacks on the United States and comply with some of its demands. Related to Ukrainian. Washington rewarded him with F-16s – as we know. But everything started to change and was tested when the war in Gaza started. Turkey's initial insensitivity soon led to increased anti-Israel rhetoric. This resulted in a partial trade embargo against Israel a few days agoMainly to the delight of Islamic fanatics, with whom Erdogan likes to associate, as we said after the recent local elections and his defeat. Biden attacked Erdogan a few days ago with a reference to the Armenian Genocide, and has been pressured by the pro-Israel lobby and other lobbies not to welcome Erdogan to the White House.“, he said.

He also insisted.Postponing the visit ultimately ends up being convenient for both, because they show a determination at home, which is important: because Biden has an election to show Erdogan that he stands by the United States. I don't believe it will stall U.S.-Turkish relations, but it certainly shows the adventurism of the Turkish president.”

Indicates the potential impact Greek-Turkish relations Due to this development, Mr. Phyllis noted: “The Turkish economy is being tested. There is no room for experimentation. So, if tensions with the US or later with Greece suddenly increase, it will send the wrong signal to the markets and torpedo everything that is weak in bilateral relations with the Americans.” With us, Erdogan has no reason to interfere with the positive agenda, the positive dynamics, that is, this recession on the one hand and the agreements on the other, because of course he has not deviated from his revisionist position. If he had the chance, he would recall revisionist positions every time, but now that the Americans are again suspicious and wary over Ukraine and Gaza, Turkey would take a huge risk if it opened a front with Greece. On the contrary, I believe he can establish it and use the momentum against the EU as well Relations with Brussels and Washington are now significantly affected by Ankara's behavior towards Athens Even to remind us that there is still a bipartisan consensus in Congress on Turkey is a barrier to what he can do for us.”

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“I still have a doubt and concern about Cyprus, pending, where the Turkish leadership believes it is more likely to negotiate maneuvers”The professor concluded.

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