He stationed America's brutal aircraft carrier Eisenhower at Souda

at Souda her Crete The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier arrived Sunday morningUSS Dwight D. Eisenhower“, along with a group of thousands of people, will remain in Sania until May 2, when the brutal American ship will also depart.

After a few days, he will come to Sania.Charles de Gaulle“, which will depart on May 2 and stay until May 7, reports zarpanews.gr.

The second of the Eisenhower Nimitz class of aircraft carriers, it was launched in 1975 and entered service in 1977. Despite its age, the ship maintains impressive capabilities, capable of carrying up to 90 aircraft. It has a workforce of close to 5,800 people. Of these, 3,400 were entirely ship workersApproximately 2,400 people serve in the aviation sector.

It is 333 meters long, its displacement exceeds 100,000 tons, but, despite its size, it can “hold” a speed of 30 knots, because it generates energy from two nuclear reactors and the total power of four thrusters reaches 260,000 hp.

“Eisenhower” was rediscovered in Souda in 2021, and indeed visited by Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

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