Tetris: How a 13-year-old boy became the first person to complete the legendary game – watch the moment [βίντεο]

The 13-year-old became the first person to beat the iconic video game Tetris in 1988 on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, breaking the world records for total score, position achieved and total lines.

Willis Gibson, whose game name is Blue Scooty, took about 38 minutes to hit the 'True Killscreen', where bricks fall so fast that the game crashes.

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According to 404 Media, only one AI tool had previously beaten the game, but Blue Scooty used a “rolling” technique popularized in the Tetris community in 2021, where the player rolls their fingers along the bottom of an NES (Nintendo Entertainment) controller. system) press the D-pad (directional pad or in Greek, directional pad) as fast as you can to reach the game.

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What the 13-year-old boy who won Tetris said

In an interview with Twitch streamer ITZsharky1, Blue Scutty said, “My biggest difficulty was when the nerves kicked in after 30 minutes.”

Gibson, breaking the record and reaching the 157th position, watched the game crash on the screen. He has been playing Tetris since he was 11 years old, practicing for three to five hours every day.

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He has turned his passion into a hobby and has participated in gaming tournaments several times, and in October he placed third.

“I came into the tournament hoping to get into the top 16,” Gibson told the Stillwater News Press. “I was mostly excited to play against some players I knew from the Internet.”

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Tetris is a simple and charming puzzle game in which bricks fall into various patterns that must be quickly rearranged to form a solid wall.

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The video game was first developed by a Soviet engineer in 1984 and came to the United States in 1988.

It remains an absolutely addictive and commercial phenomenon, easily the best-selling video game of all time, with over half a billion downloads on mobile alone.

The moment of victory in Tetris

Gibson was playing Tetris during a live stream on his YouTube channel.

In an elaborate manner, he stacks the bricks one on top of the other as they continue to fall and pick up speed.

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“Oh, I missed it,” Gibson said after misplacing a block, but his fear of missing quickly changed once he recovered from the crash.

Willis Gibson, 13, celebrates after winning Tetris / Photo: Willis Gibson via AP

“Oh my God,” he said as he watched the bricks fall. He then made another dash to tie the game.

“Oh my God! Yes! I'm going to pass out,” he said, realizing he'd crashed into the game. “I can't feel my hands.”

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In an interview with streamer ITZsharky1, Gibson revealed that he's come close to crashing the game in the past, but couldn't pull it off until recently.

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