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Dimitris Sorpatsoklou writes about the great game in Thessaloniki and analyzes what it means for the two-headed man of the north. Futures, transfers and basketball tips.

The day has arrived for Aris-PAOK. Whatever they say and comment on, Aris-PAOK is not like other league games. They want it, they don't want it, we want it… we don't want it…

PAOK look their best and play amazingly as they take first place. As far as I can see, many people have a hard time understanding that, believing that … something happened by accident and chance. A couple of things about this: in the last 11 matches, PAOK have 10 wins and a draw with Aberdeen. It's been two months! In these matches: Olympiacos-PAOK 2-4 and Eintracht-PAOK 1-2, in matches where Lucescu's team played and did not steal the results. It was a tournament in Greece and Europe, it was Thursday-Sunday, it was in and out, with people and without people, before or after holidays, with PAOK in full or even without Baba, Tyson, Zivkovic. For someone who finally understands what all of the above is all about…

The Greek league has a few different competitions. It was PAOK-Olympiakos. It was Olympiakos-Panathinaikos. It was AEK-Olympiakos. And it's Aris-PAOK! Well, how do we do that? Not everyone is the same. Competitively and especially mentally, some games are different in certain seats. They represent something different than others. A friend of mine wrote yesterday… “Aris-PAOK is the match where Stall growth is affected more than any other in the league”. It is possible and needs no explanation.

I mean, who doesn't understand that Aris-PAOK cannot have the same mental preparation as other important local or non-local league matches? At PAOK, he pretended not to understand and didn't score a single goal until he faced Aris… Arrogant! Especially with the old Aries of Mancios who had a certain identity, PAOK struggled at their best. The Yellows were very well prepared (physically and mentally), they gave their best, and in the end they mostly left celebrating, even if they didn't have similar series results.

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I feel that PAOK understands all this, under no circumstances can anyone underestimate Aris, and even so, we see something different from last year in the games of the two in Thessaloniki. This year, PAOK are very strong, very exciting in form and performance, while Aris looks great (with PAO and initially with Asteras) but with poor potential! I appreciate that Lucescu (and his associates anyway) have prepared PAOK to play with Aris who have great talent. That's how it should be done!

Anyway, we have to take note: Aris-PAOK in a full and frenzied Klenthis Vigelidis is one thing and today's game in an empty and frozen stadium is another. For those who didn't experience it, let's remember that this season's matches in empty stadiums are far worse in terms of climate than the Covid era. However, we make this special condition and contrast with the entire field, which is opposed to Mars today.

Until then…

I will repeat something that was misunderstood yesterday as I saw it in the news: if the game goes normally, without surprises, without pauses, without injuries and the most special or unfortunate moments that can happen to the king of games, Luccheso's team has an advantage. . But we're talking about football and… let's see what we're going to see tonight. However we do it, if we go through PAOK Aris' headquarters, it will take a big step to make the difference, with the plan to continue in January. But we'll see…

PAOK's lineup is easy for anyone who knows how to “read” Lucescu. I believe PAOK have reached a point where they don't care if the opponent knows their line-up. Let him know… and if he can act…

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January Outlook…

Watch out for: In the future and in January, Northern Bighead will be playing:

Out with Volos for the trophy

– Inside with PAS

Out with Volos for the championship

– Panathinayakas inside

Bravely out.

Panathinayak's plays during the same period:

– with Olympiakos for the trophy

– Away with AEK

– Left with Olympiakos for the trophy

– Inside with Astera

– Out with PAOK

– with Olympiakos for the championship.

AEK will play Olympiakos today: two Aris for the trophy, one with Panathinaikos and Atromitos, with OFI and Astera coming to Toumba in a very decisive match from all sides.

After today's game with AEK, Olympiacos play: two for the cup with Panathinaikos, in Kifisia, Ariz., one at home with PAS, then two with PAO and PAOK, and Europe is coming!

After the above, what is easily understood is avoided, especially regarding the perspective that arises for PAOK, as its coach said, it tries to turn playing in empty stadiums into an advantage. That's why the fox thought of something! But we are doing so badly! Everything is empty! Let's go to the well-known place: “Game by game …”.

Transfers PAOK

I was referring to PAOK's transfer window for the winter … “The team doesn't seem fired up even though they are looking for a right back and a winger”. Yesterday, Lucescu confirmed: “We will only take a player if he raises our level. If we don't find it, we don't get it. This is the logic and it has a basis. In the end, and as history has shown us, PAOK always finds something and Savitis always gets something. Last year he found the (out of nowhere) Tyson…

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* The 21-year-old who caught Stavros in Thermaikos, in addition to all the other obvious things, wished PAOK to win the Conference League for 2024! Do you understand what is happening?

* All comments were in jest about Kyriakos Mitsotakis also having nice words about PAOK's progress. How sensible people are…right? wrongly; Let's leave it to Monday and specific…

* In basketball, PAOK, who until ten days ago were making strides in Greece and Europe, entered a crisis due to an extra-competitive event in which its Americans were involved during the night, especially Smith's dismissal. Once again I write: “What the householder knows, the whole world does not know.” What the outsiders say with frivolity without thought and knowledge: “Put them out, shit, send them away…”. Like that! No matter how simple you say, if you write without thinking about all the consequences, you can easily find yourself in the fourth position 9oh -10oh Start counting other things!

* And let's not forget about the stupid ending of closed arenas: fools, spoiled children, criminals and everyone drawn to the age of violence continue to be killed in the streets! Do you see it? Do you understand that? Do you realize that you will not achieve anything by closing the courts? They don't want to understand… why we don't understand(?) even after 30 days nothing has been done to the moral culprits of the criminal attack on Rendis. That's how they pretend not to understand…

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