Survivor 24/1: The Bomb! Favorite player is out! Muddy – Getting stuck with Asimina and Papa!


Survivor 24/1: Heavy accusations, lots of crying and a shock exit! All information inside!

Survivor 24/1: Doom on Survivor! An unexpected development in his reality show the skyIt went off like a megaton bomb!

We've been waiting for him to leave and here's his shocking exit from the game! Just before the awards ceremony, the survival show's most episodic exit in recent years unfolded before the eyes of television viewers.

What happened;

Has Christos Volikakis, the one we've never seen before, scheming and keeping so low-key, passed the game?

I just remembered the reason… Stathi ShijahThat means discipline.

The cycling champion said he did not want to stay in the sport at the expense of others. At the same time, he started a serious conversation with Alexis Papa, accusing him of hypocrisy!

After a while, he accuses Asimina-Talaka of conspiracy, and then they are all hair-sucking!

Lianos asked Christos if that meant he was leaving and the latter confirmed it! Now, the Reds are without a strong player who can bring more points to the team.

After leaving, Friday She cried saying that she was suffocating since last year… since last year. If we want, we trust her, of course …

Survivor 24/1: Watch the arguments and Christos Volikakis' exit video

Let us remind you that you can Vote on the MEGA-POLL for the player you want to leave.

however, It's like letting go of what you learned early on.

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