“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill him,” the 39-year-old said of the carpenter's murder

She was taken into custody 39 years old who killed him 43 years old carpenter at Salgita, After her marathon apology to the prosecutor and the investigator.

The 39-year-old apologized to the victim's family, saying he had no intention of killing him. His lawyers, who denied harassing the 43-year-old woman with threatening messages, said there was no evidence to prove it when police had both the victim's and the accused's cellphones.

The 39-year-old woman explained what happened that day to an investigator, according to her lawyers.

“We're confident as lawyers that he really didn't plan it crime This and he had no intention of killing the deceased. Accused, even when she comes from her village to meet him Copper. It had no such purpose. Various things are heard against her which are not true. For example, it seems that he harassed the deceased with various messages and threats. These are not true and no evidence has been adduced in the case file to prove the truth of these allegations,” they say. At the same time, her lawyer noted that her husband is by her side, has his own support and shares everything she is going through.

Salgita: Claims of 43-year-old lawyer

On his part, the lawyer for the victim's family said he expects to get a copy of the case file for official filing.

The family's attorney noted that if the 39-year-old had been monitored by psychiatrists, “you understand that her illness would not have been serious enough that she would not have been locked up in an institution.” Thereafter, if he requests an expert opinion, we will appoint a technical consultant who will appear and verify all allegations of the accused.

“I'll make a prediction: She won't give up lifers when her time comes,” he concluded in his statement.

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