Car collision on the beach road trauma: 2 dead, 2 injured

Three cars and a motorcycle collided in a shocking traffic accident on Vouliagmenis Avenue in Athens on Tuesday night.

According to information, there are two dead, whose bodies were taken to Asclepion, Voula, while two injured were taken to Nice General Public Hospital. Of the injured, one is in serious condition but under control, while the other has minor injuries.

Based on the first assessment, the same information said that both the dead and the injured came from the same car.

According to ERT, three cars and a motorcycle were reportedly involved in the accident, while pedestrians were also swept away in the car accident.

According to the first information, one of the vehicles was speeding (at a speed of 180 kmph). Its driver – who died – lost control and collided with other vehicles.

Due to the intensity of the collision, one vehicle was severed in half, the rest reduced to a shapeless mass of ironwork, while palm trees were also uprooted.

Two EKAB ambulances and fire department vehicles rushed to the spot and tried to free the people.

Traffic is blocked on Constantino Karamanli Avenue (Seaside), from the height of its intersection with Varis-Coropio Avenue, in the direction of Piraeus.

The scene of the shocking car crash is just a stone's throw from where Tzortzis Monogyios and Mad Clip lost their lives and dozens of other car crashes.

Check out shocking pictures from the car crash:

Photo: ert
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