School holiday today 29/1 due to bad weather

Bad weather is ongoing – the express will affect the country and bring the decision to close schools in parts of Greece.

The Ministry of Education has informed that distance education will take place in the areas where the activities of schools have been decided to be suspended due to the weather.

Especially in the municipality Mantudi of Anna, the river In Evia, from Monday afternoon to Tuesday night due to bad weather expected to bring heavy snowfall and intensity of events.

Due to this, schools in this municipality will be closed Until Wednesday, January 31 Avoid accidents due to low temperature and while carrying students, teachers, professors etc.

Also, DEDDIE's crew will remain alert throughout inclement weather so that any damage caused can be dealt with quickly.

Our roads remain open wherever municipal project machinery and those hired by the municipality and region are required.

Mayor Giorgos Tsapourniotis said, “Our fellow citizens from vulnerable groups are asked to take all self-protection measures, especially those who need to be transferred for hospital treatment to do so before events unfold.”

Schools closed in Attica

Also, it has been announced that the following schools will be closed Palini Municipality: Pallini's 2nd Primary School, Pallini's 1st Gymnasium, Pallini's 1st Lyceum due to scheduled power cut.

Heavy snowfall expected tomorrow and Tuesday is also expected to affect the functioning of other school sections. No relevant decision has been taken yet.

In Attica, according to forecasts of the National Weather Service, bad weather will mainly affect the northern suburbs, while snow is said to be possible in Dionysos, Aekali, Rhodopoli, Trosia, Penteli, Trafi, Trachomakedones, Krioneri, Spring and Saint. Stephen.

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Northern Greece

Its primary and secondary schools Municipality of Florina Due to the low temperature today Monday at 9.15 Mayor Mr. Vassilis Gianakis will start their end. Kindergartens will operate as usual.

Kigilias: New meeting on Monday

“On Monday at 12 o'clock there will be another meeting of scientists and meteorologists, which will gradually determine what the obstacles are and with what criteria we can make decisions, which will be published and concern the public. Anyway, the basics must be repeated,” Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kigilias said yesterday. Mentioned.

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