Crete: A two-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being involved in a car accident

A serious traffic accident occurred in Paleokastro, Crete, resulting in the serious injury of a 2-year-old boy. According to, the boy was admitted to the hospital with critical inhalation in the intensive care unit. The other 3 injured are doing well.

A collision between a vehicle and a silver van resulted in serious injuries. According to information from, the silver van was coming down from Agia Pelagia and for an unknown reason, it went against the current, resulting in a collision with the IX vehicle.

Emergency services and the fire department were alerted early Sunday to a traffic accident in Paleokastro.

EKAV ambulance, fire brigade to rescue the injured and traffic police to regulate the traffic were on the spot.


All the injured were taken to the Heraklion University General Hospital, where they are being checked to see if they were wearing seat belts.

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