Sailing is prohibited in Praias and Rafina due to stormy winds

Connected to the ports of Piraeus and Rafina Ships Sunday, it was announced No sailing Due to bad weather.

The heavy wind Don't let him blow during the day Safe passage of ships So the ropes are tied.

In the next few hours the sun will burn

There will be major features of inclement weather the rain And this Storms in the beginning Western GreeceSoon to be extended until the early hours of Sunday 07/01 More parts Except in the southern islands.

They will also be observed locally Strong storms They may have joined them in western and northern Greece and the islands of the eastern Aegean Sleet large size (>2 cm) and Cyclone.

Significant rainfall Western Greece will record 150-200 mm in many areas. Heavy snowfall in western continental highlands above ~1500 m.

Winds will be strong towards the south up to 7-8 Beaufort, while Saharan dust transport will be favorable mainly in the southern parts of the country.

A rainfall episode is classified according to the classification of rainfall episode (regional rainfall index) used by the Meteo Unit of the National Observatory of Athens. Type 4 (very important).

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