Norway is “frozen” with unprecedented polar temperatures

Norway is facing an unprecedented wave of polar cold, with temperatures in Oslo dropping below -30 degrees Celsius for the first time and Bjernholt, north of the country's capital, recording -31.1 degrees, according to figures from the Norwegian Meteorological Service. .

Polar temperatures were recorded in Norway from Friday to Saturday (06.01.24) in the early hours, with a maximum of -21.9 degrees Celsius in the last 24 hours.

Just before 10am on Saturday (Greece time), the temperature in Bjernholt reached -29 degrees Celsius, but it felt like -37 degrees Celsius, the website reported.

“The night we were there was probably colder than we expected,” Martin Granerod of the Meteorological Center told state broadcaster NRK.

In the center of Oslo, overnight temperatures dropped to -21.5 degrees Celsius.

A cold wave has been hitting northern Europe for days, with northern Sweden recording -43.6 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. This is the lowest temperature recorded in January in the last 25 years.

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