Biden: Trump is sacrificing democracy on the altar of power and adopting the rhetoric of Nazi Germany

US President Joe Biden has accused Donald Trump of sacrificing American democracy in office in November's presidential election.

It will be three years since the attacks on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, and Biden made these statements in a speech in Pennsylvania tomorrow, Saturday.

Trump's campaign is “only focused on him, not America,” Biden said. He also said he was “ready to sacrifice our democracy” for the former president.

“The upcoming election is about whether democracy is still the sacred cause of America,” he added.

Biden: Trump is using the same language used in Nazi Germany

Biden also accused Trump of using “Nazi Germany” rhetoric.

“He's talking about the poisoned blood of Americans, using the same language they used in Nazi Germany,” he said, arguing that Trump refuses to give up political violence.

“Preserving, protecting and protecting democracy will be a central objective of my presidency,” added US President Joe Biden.


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