Discussion between Carvalhal and players: “We're at Olympiakos and we'll get a reaction to it”

The Portuguese coach made a speech with his players before AEK – Olympiacos because the need for a more dynamic reaction is greater than ever!

Carlos Carvalhal spoke – was natural and logical but next – With Olympiakos players Ahead of Sunday's derby against AEK at Faleri Stadium. The technical team and the football players decided how to do this conversation, while the players said it to each other.

“We are in Olympiakos. We are in a big team. The responsibilities for this picture are ours. We have to get the right reaction here to get the win against AEK. The need to get the right response is more than ever, especially now.” This was highlighted in the discussions held with the technical staff and players.

Besides, Carlos Carvalhal, in statements to Cosmod TV, noted whether the team's footballing ego was 'wounded': “Yes, without a doubt. No doubt we are hurt, but this is an opportunity to show what kind of blood runs in our veins. It's an opportunity to show that the blood of winners flows within. We have to show that we are strong and that we know how to react”.

Also, regarding his conversations with his footballers, he insists: “Of course we absolutely respect AEK because they are a good team, but we have to focus on ourselves. We have to play our best game and give our best performance. We have to believe in ourselves and be confident, that's what I tell my footballers. Have faith in them. To put, to show good character, to get the three points, because our goal is only to win.”

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