Lesvos: 20-year-old soldier dies in car accident

Lesvos drew attention to a traffic accident that claimed the life of a 20-year-old soldier. The unfortunate driver lost control of the car he was driving…

There is no end to the tragedies on the country's roads and the blacklist of victims continues to grow. From Sandi to Crete, from Epirus to the North Aegean and Attica, the first days of 2024 have seen a series of accidents. Lesvos follows reports that a 20-year-old soldier died in an early morning traffic accident. A new kid on leave from the camp where he worked.

The tragic traffic accident took place in the early hours of Friday morning outside Parakoila on Lesbos, resulting in the loss of a 20-year-old man's life. Initial reports suggest that the unfortunate young man crashed his car into a BBC pole and suffered fatal injuries.

Regarding the accident, the General Staff of the Army issued a statement: “The General Staff of the Army, on the morning of Friday 05 January 2024, 20-year-old Soldier L.B., serving in a unit in Lesvos. He was seriously injured in a car accident on his way out.

The cause of the accident is being efficiently investigated. Army General Staff extend their deepest condolences to his relatives.

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