Road accident in Perama: 28-year-old's other leg will be amputated, his father says

“Their lives are in God's hands”

Road accident in Perama: 28-year-old's other leg will be amputated, his father says

“Obviously, the left leg will be amputated,” said the 28-year-old father, who was hospitalized in a critical condition after a car crash in Perama on Christmas morning.

A 28-year-old driver and a 22-year-old female passenger were seriously injured in the car accident. It veered off the track and hit the guard railson Schistos Avenue, at approximately 4:30 a.m. on December 25.

So far, doctors at Atticon Hospital have moved on Both legs of a 22-year-old woman were amputatedas well as the right leg of a 28-year-old man.

Speaking to Alpha, the father of a 28-year-old boy who was seriously injured in a car accident said his son “He is in critical condition. He has lost his right leg Obviously there will be a disconnect on the left this time as well.”

He added, “The woman has lost both her legs We hope the babies recover without any problems. Their lives are in God's hands.

Later, the 28-year-old's father said of the 22-year-old's parents, “Those people are also fighting for the welfare of their child. We are together, we are friends. We both paint the same Calvary. We want our children to be well We both want the best for every child”.

Finally, the 28-year-old's father urged, “Please, we parents pay some attention to our children. May God take care of all the children in the world.”

It may be recalled that the intervention of the fire department was required to rescue the two occupants of the vehicle. 12 firefighters along with 4 vehicles rushed to the spot for rescue operations.

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