Wolfgang Schäuble passed away

Germany's ex-economy minister dies Wolfgang Schauble, His family made the announcement Wednesday morning.

The 81-year-old politician passed away at his home on Tuesday night, according to a family statement. Schäuble breathed his last “peacefully” on Tuesday at 8 p.m., according to a German news agency.

Schäuble was born on September 18, 1942 in Freiburg. He studied law but was drawn to politics from an early age, joining the CDU party in 1965. Bundestag He leaves behind his wife of 50 years, Ingeborg of 80, four children and four grandchildren. Politics was present in Schäuble's life from the first moment Dad Carl was organized in the CDU and was also a member of parliament in the state of Baden, while he was also a junior politician. Brother Thomas worked as a minister in the state government of Baden-Württemberg for 13 years before taking his last breath in 2013 after suffering a heart attack.

As German media noted, Schäuble made his mark on history Germany than other politicians. In 1972 he was elected to parliament for the first time with the CDU, while as interior minister in the Kohl government he negotiated the reunification of Germany.

In his party, Schäuble was considered one of the most conservative politicians, but behind the scenes his words always carried special weight. It was he who initially called for coalitions with other parties such as the Greens, declaring in 207 that “black-green is not what we want, it's an option”. In October 1990, Schäuble was shot and killed by a mentally ill man during a campaign rally, and has since been confined to a wheelchair.

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The grand seigneur of German politics retired from the front line at the age of 79 after 19 years in ministerial posts, two years as leader of the CDU and nine years as head of the parliamentary committee. However, Mr. Schäuble's career was marked by positions he did not win: chancellor and federal president. Twice he saw Angela Merkel in front of him – but he remained loyal to the end. “Neither pleasant nor easy; faithful,” He said.

For Greece – and not only – Wolfgang Schüble perhaps The personification of financial discipline And very few in the European South were prepared to recognize austerity as mitigating the EU's…noble purpose of salvation.

Greco-German Conflict |  FT World

What he said about the war in Ukraine
A year ago, in an interview with the German television “Bild”, Schäuble elaborated on the energy crisis in Europe caused by the war in Ukraine. “bite the teeth”, A message from the former president of the Bundestag. Schäuble expressed his strong concern about what the future holds, however, and was quick to offer useful instructions on how Germans will get through the winter in the face of an energy crisis.

“Take the matches, light the candles, and keep the flashlight handy”

Asked what would happen if Putin gave up nuclear weapons, the Christian Democrats' grandson was clear: “We must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by this threat. It is the art of doing nothing that leads to even more growth. But the use of nuclear weapons would certainly be a “red line”. Putin has been crossing that red line for a long time now, with Putin's threats to use these weapons.”

Schäuble also makes no secret of the fact that Germany's current chancellor is a social democrat. Olaf Soules, In a dilemma: “I don't want to bear the brunt of this decision as president at this time! But one thing is clear: when you give up, you always give up. I've always done well in my life to say, 'No, I'm not going to blackmail.'

He added, “We are experiencing a situation where Putin has to realize that, as painful as it may be for him, his military is not as effective as he thought. “…we have to bet that Putin will talk sense in the end. So far, we will consider his threats and back off. He thinks. We are not allowed to do that. We must understand that this war is also our business!'

Former Speaker of the German Parliament Wolfgang Schäuble attends the 85th anniversary commemoration of the Night of the Broken Glass at Beth Zion Synagogue on November 9, 2023 in Berlin. Kristallnacht, also known as the Night of Broken Glasses, was a pogrom against the Jews. Society on the night of November 9-10, 1938. During this night, members of the Sturmabteilung SA and Schutzstaffel SS, paramilitary units of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, attacked, looted, and burned shops, buildings, and synagogues. All of Austria and Germany belonged to the Jews

For Germany's former finance minister – a confidant of Merkel – her fellow citizens have yet to realize that the war is not just about Ukrainians, but about them. “No. We haven't figured it out yet.”Schäuble insists. “Despite the effects of war that we all suffer, terrible inflation and high energy prices.”

Sober 1

When asked by journalist Kai Weiss whether the German government could relieve Germans of these enormous burdens, Germany's former strongman argued: “We have to make sure that only those who really need it are helped. We have to say to others: if you want, you won't go on vacation this year. The danger I see is that we believe that the state is something that should give more and more to its citizens. It's a kind of supermarket where citizens bargain. . No! If we give citizens the impression that everything is unlimited, we are led to over-exploitation. Then the citizens get the impression that the government can do everything. This is not sustainable!”

We are spoiled…
He himself believed that the Germans, like himself, were a depraved society. “Of course, we are all spoiled. me too But now we have to face the risk of continuing like this forever. The Germans must try again.” He added: “It worries me that many Germans want to work less: for example, choosing a part-time status and not working at the weekend. This doesn't work. Because there is a shortage of workers everywhere. A lifetime of fun experiences will not give you a satisfying life.”

“At the end of the day, as Schäuble said, people need to feel that they have done some justice. Helping those who really need it. That is why the proposal of the Ministry of Economy is so wrong, that a baker can simply close his business. This is a communication error by the current minister Robert Hambeck from the Green Party.” Supports. Concluding his interview with German Bild TV, he expressed his hopes for the future: “In these hard times, can you still smile?” A Bild reporter asked him, and Schäuble replied: “Of course, laughter is free and easy. We have no reason to give up.”


His advice to men
In 2019, Schäuble offered advice to men: “Cook more cleanly and do more with the kids.” A former German finance minister argued that German families lacked equality: “Certainly a lot has been done, but it is not enough. Much more needs to be done for equality…There is an injustice going on in German families. Women are not paid for housework that should be distributed differently: “raising children, housework, care”. Men must contribute more actively.. . “Only if women and men are truly free to set priorities in their lives, without sacrificing work or family or social commitment, can goals be achieved.”

Referring to the quota for women in the German parliament (Bundestag), a former German finance minister said: “Even though Germany has a female chancellor and other women in top positions, more needs to be done.”

Finally he argued for the equality of men and women “Essential Principle of our Constitution”. It must be accepted by all “who wish to be a part of this community – even those who are 'culturally or religiously alienated'.”

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