Eurovision 2024: Israel's candidate dies – killed in Gaza

Israel's Ministry of Defense issued a statement on Wednesday 27/12, in which it noted the death of three members of its armed forces in the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

One of the dead trio, captain Shavoli Greenklick, competed a month ago in the Hakokav Haba, a talent contest that selects an artist to represent Israel at Eurovision 2024.

As reports, the 25-year-old singer appeared at the audition in a military uniform, wanting to dedicate the song he sang to his friends fighting in the Gaza Strip.

With 83%, Shali Greenclick managed to advance to the next round of the talent show and will soon appear again in the next round aiming to represent Israel at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

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At the same time, while Israel has announced that the war will continue for several months, the bloodshed of the Palestinian people continues for the 82nd day. Through the defense ministry, it says it is engaged in a “multi-front war”, adding to concerns of territorial expansion.

In Gaza, at least 21,110 people have been killed and 55,243 wounded in Israeli attacks since October 7.

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