Aries: Lindsay Rose wears yellow again

Lindsay Ross returns to Aris as the two sides have agreed a 2.5-year co-operation deal and is expected to join the team immediately in Thessaloniki.

A few months late, oh Lindsay Rose He will wear the “yellow and black” again as his contract with Aris has been confirmed, he expects a contract until the summer of 2026 and he is expected to arrive in Thessaloniki within the next 24 hours. It thus closes a chapter that has been open since last summer, when the two sides discussed the possibility of their new partnership as the 32-year-old central defender's big interest. In fact, both parties agreed on everything, but when it came time to discuss the player with Legia Warsaw, ​​the latter did not want to pay compensation (the player's annual salary is around 500,000 euros) and a deal seemed a foregone conclusion. was never completed.

Get everything that happened in the last few days. Reports in the foreign press took his departure from Legia Warsaw for granted and said Cyprus would be his next destination. However, at the same time, Lindsey Rose discussed the possibility of returning to Thessaloniki, as Aris prioritized him for professional and family reasons. This led to an agreement for a 2.5 year contract. All that remains is for the player to arrive in Thessaloniki to settle the formalities, which is expected to happen by Thursday (28/12) so that he can start training immediately.

What's amazing about him is that… January has come to Mars, and January is coming again. In fact, he was transferred to the “yellow” team in January 2019 and until the summer of 2021 grew into one of his best transfer moves, counting a total of 96 games with seven goals and four assists in the 96 games he transferred. Legia Warsaw. Initially, he had a role in the Polish team, but gradually this was reduced. He played in 24 games in his first year, last year he played in 22 games with two goals and this year he played in 11 games last mid-November against Jagiellonia. Before transferring to Auris, Lindsey Rose competed Lorient (50 ag.), Livalois (75 ag.), Valencian (24 ag.), Lyon (19 ag.).

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