Rethymnon: Teacher killed by electrocution in front of students inside school

The professor suffered Electric shock During a workshop class at the Experimental High School of the University of Crete Rethymno.

Teacher Treatment is being given Rethymnon Hospital for preventive reasons and especially in cardiology clinic.

In fact concern In particular, the educational community of the school and the relevant education services were immediately informed.

In particular, the teacher of the information laboratory of the school unit was electrocuted when he put the computer on for electricity. Versatile.

The professor, according to witnesses, moved towards the desks in front of his students.

Replaced immediately with Medical ambulance After first aid was administered to the nursing facility, with the director of the trial, the decision was made to stay in the cardiology clinic for debridement, according to the APE-MBE. prevention Reasons.

Speaking to APE-MPE, the Head of Secondary Education of Rethymnon, Prof. Manosos Marakakis, confirmed this. Not in dangerAs he said – according to the information of the director of the school – it was a defective electrical piece, but in any case, he pointed to the permanent electrical installation of the building.

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