“Mission Accomplished” Message Defending National Sovereignty of Konstantinos Floros, General Hubis

On Tuesday, at the facilities of Evelpidon School, a handover ceremony for GEETHA President took place, with General Dimitrios Hubis taking over from the outgoing President, General Konstantinos Floros.

In his emotional retirement speech after 43 years of service in the Army, Mr. Flores said, “I can report with pride and honor that this mission has been accomplished. Not a drop of land has been lost, not a drop of sand has been lost, and that is thanks to all of you. My thanks to you. Continue to make Greece strong and respected by all and always remember the words of the National Poet, “Incorporate Greece into your soul and you will feel within you every form of greatness”.

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After thanking the Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis And this Ministers of National Defence He credited the confidence they showed in him, with the outgoing Geeta leader noting that during his tenure “we surprised allies and partners, but mainly the enemy by doing many things for the first time”.

As he noted, indeed, “2020 was not only difficult, but things were difficult with tense moments until a few months ago”. For his part, the new Gita leader, General Dimitrios Houbis, pointed to the need for the armed forces to evolve to deal with any modern or hybrid threat.

As he put it, “the armed forces should be functionally and institutionally adapted to the country's economic potential”.

He made sure to send the message that “in a region that is making geographical history, not even a slippage will be allowed on the basis of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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