Panathinaikos AKTOR: Sluka's 29 points, Juanjo's +15 and Ibaka's mark in the pick-and-roll

Stefanos Makris analyzes Panathinaikos AKTOR's win in Munich against Bayern with the help of Hudl Instat. Ruthless marking on Ibaka in the pick-and-roll, +15 and 14 points on Hernangomet's two triples and Sluka's 29 points.

The Panathinaikos A.K.T.R Another important victory was achieved Defeated Bayern 75-82 in Munich Now there is one more breath to lock it 2nd place in Euroleague regular season.

The Sports 24 Hudl analyzes the success of “Clover” with the help of Instat.

The pick and roll marked Ibaka and Sluka's 29 points

According to Hudl Instat Bayern are the second-worst Euroleague team in total points conceded in pick-and-roll situations, where the operator shoots with a passive average of 16.15 points per game. His reasoning starts with the presence of Serge Ibaka, who plays trap defense (staying behind to make a shot), which requires his guards to break screens.

Panathinaikos AKTR is also one of the best and most productive teams in the Euroleague in pick-and-roll situations thanks to the presence of Sluka, I (and Grant, Vildosa, Grikonis in his second year) as an operator. It was clear that a lot would be judged on how the Panathinaikos AKTOR guards would shoot in pick-and-roll situations.

According to HudlInstat, “Clover” scored 21 of 23 possessions in the pick-and-roll (0.91 points per possession). Below its average (0.99). But he still scored a lot of points. So he opened the competition. Key to this was Kostas Slokas (12 points and 7 assists).

The leader of the “Greens” was important for another game, thanks to his ability to shoot and create after dribbles. He scored 10 of the Greens' 21 points in pick-and-roll situations (on 8 possessions), while he contributed another 17 points off his assists. In total, he was responsible for 29 points of Panathinaikos AKTOR. Here is a typical grid:

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Slukas plays a pick and roll with Lesser, Ibaka stays back and plays the drop.

Print screen

Slukas scored three points.

Print screen

Panathinaikos AKTOR marked Ibaka throughout the night. The former NBA big man was the top defender in 10 possessions and gave up 13 points (1.3 per possession), according to Hudl Instat. “Greens” knew Bayern's defense and adjusted accordingly.

Night of Hernangomet

On a night when Dinos Mitoglou went quiet after scoring the first 6 runs of Panathinaikos AKTOR, Juancho Hernangomet (14 points on 3/3 2-pointers, 2/3 3-pointers, 2/2 shots) and +15 on + / – Organization (the best of his teammates), producing one of his best performances in the green shirt, providing solutions in key areas, if not the best.

Intime Sports

*Correct shots are marked with a circle, missed shots are marked with an “x”.

For the first time since returning from injury, Hernangomet played as Panathinaikos Aktor expected all season. Moved well without the ball and took available shots. However, it was even more impressive that he needed two triples to score 14 points.

In a Panathinaikos AKTOR with defenders who like to keep the ball in their hands for a long time, the presence of a player who can play without it and do damage is crucial. That's why Hernangometh was bought because he knows how to do it well. This is why Mitoglou has risen this year. That's why Hernangomet was valuable yesterday, Panathinaikos Aktor gave everything expected from him.

The nature of the team and the cycle that develops in time

Panathinaikos AKTOR “had to” in Munich as he chased down 2nd place as Bayern essentially had mathematical hopes of entering the Euroleague play-in. However, in a tough match, he showed character and secured another important win. Even more important — especially as he now enters the final stretch of the season — he's added to the rotation in an important game.

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A total of nine “green” players played between 10 and 29 minutes. For “Clover” who played almost the entire season with a rotation of 7 players, this is valuable. Huacho's performance is understandably excited. However, Ioannis Papapetrou had a good presence as long as he struggled and offered solutions. The two forwards and Luka Vildoza – who is still wanted and played just 5 minutes – have been unimaginably plagued by injuries this year. Although the “Greens” have been excellent throughout the season, they have missed a lot.

Panathinaikos AKTOR will find chemistry and characters entering the final part of the season. If Hernangometh and Papapetrou continue like this, things will change for the better. And this is the biggest gain of “greens” from the game.

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