Without us there can be no majority

European citizens bring back support in European elections Renew Europe In third place with 82 seats, the party’s vice-president and MEP thanked Iskra MihailovaIn his first statements after the election results were announced.

“We are the third largest party and are very important in deciding future policies. The results show that there is no majority without us. We will be at the center of this majority They lost most of the seats. 20 in number.

“Despite the rise of far-right political forces, we are again the third group, we have maintained our values ​​and insist that the European Parliament will continue to work for democracy in the EU, for the protection of European policies and industry competition and legitimacy. Finding solutions and responding to citizens who have expectations from us is incredible. important,” he added.

She also answered one Possible collaboration with Ursula von der Leyen When asked what he wanted to support the German politician, he replied: “Today we celebrate it, we appreciate it. We are not talking about personalities. It is too early to talk about it in the future. Our group will decide how to work with the majority.”

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Reneau’s spokesperson for the French elections

“Macron’s decision was not debated by the new European Parliament Internal decision of the French President. I must emphasize that we congratulate our partners in France, who were the second party after the election, and we have increased our strength in different states. For example, in Slovakia, we are the first force.

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Europe’s diversity belongs to Europe and national decisions are national decisions, but victory belongs to our team,” he concluded.

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